Securus Technologies Abolishing Crime

One of the tragic realities of being locked up is it creates an incentive for misbehavior. Securus Technologies is leap frogging the competition with new and innovative research on how to prevent crime. One of the best ways is to have a secure jail that encourages reformation of the inmates’ characters. Securus Technologies is a paragon of organizational zeal. Securus Technologies has software for writing complaint forms. If staff have a problem with how something is going, they can instantly record the problem, unlike in the past, when costly paper forms were the norm. Securus Technologies is a powerful example of what happens when profit meets protection. Devotion to our customers is why Securus Technologies remains one of the leading providers of resources for prisons throughout North America.


Another great product offered by Securus Technologies is the video chat option. Video chat allows you to connect with those you care about who are locked up. When you chat with them, you discover what you were missing emotionally, and the prisoner is happy.


As you consider what products to include in your jail, it pays to look at the best in the business. Securus Technologies is a superb and top quality organization based in Dallas, Texas.


Doe Deere Faces Great Opposition To Start Makeup Business But Emerges Successful

The makeup industry may be used mostly by women, but it was founded mostly by men. Take for instance Revlon, it was founded by Charles Revson. Then there is Max Factor, it was founded by Mac Factor. So, when Doe Deere wanted to create a makeup company founded by a woman, imagine the opposition she found. Don’t think for one minute that the opposition held her back.

When the idea to start a company came to the forefront, Deere found that the colors were nothing that she could wear. She hates black, brown, tan, and grays. Back in 2006-07, most of the color choices offered were more natural hues. She prefers pastel colors of pink, purple, orange, green, and blue. Glitter makeup was something that came out around Halloween, but you could not find it year around. Perplexed by the lack of choices, Deere, and her husband began mixing their own cosmetics.

She loved her design abilities and people would comment on her unique look. When she realized she had a following among the young crowd, she knew it was time to market her finds. Her first marketplace was on eBay. Through their store fronts, she created a site and sold her products. Soon, she couldn’t keep up with production and she found herself running herself ragged. She knew that her product was a winner, and she needed to go big.

She launched Lime Crime to the online community in the beginning of 2008. She has a couple of storefront locations that have come with time, but the majority of her base is with the online community. She is able to keep her overhead costs low by handling her business this way. She has her corporate offices near her home in Los Angeles. She has a few dedicated employees, most of who are family members.

Deere came to this country from Russia as a teenager. She wanted to be in the music industry. While she did start out in a band, she found herself in the fashion world. Her landing spot after coming over to this country was Manhattan, which is a great place to learn about fashion. She went to college and had fashion design in her forecast. But it was the makeup world that kept calling her. At a slumber party, she decided to do everyone’s makeup for them. Of course, true to Deere’s fashion, it was loud, and she was proud. It was that night that changed the course of her life forever.

Her biggest fans are the tween age group, those between 13-17. Deere doesn’t care who uses her products, as long as she has a steady market. She has introduced many new products to go along with her eyeshadows and lipsticks. Though the makeup industry has come a great deal over the years, she still has a clientele that appreciates her flair for the dramatic.

For a woman who travels with pixie dust sprinkled in her hair of pink or purple, she certainly makes a statement. Don’t mistake her appearance and childlike manner as weakness, Deere is one strong business woman.

Follow her on Twitter @doedeere

Norka Luque is Bringing a New Taste to the Global Music Scene

Most musicians aim at establishing a large fan base across the globe. Their dreams are to perform at globally recognized festivals, scoop prestigious awards, make a lot of money and live a celebrity life. However, Norka Luque measures her success based on the number of people she has motivated and empowered to pursue their dreams. She leverages her music to spread a message full of unwavering inspiration to her fans worldwide. Most of her songs have earned high-profile nominations and topped Billboard charts.

Musical career highlights

Norka’s burst onto the global musical scene was not a walk in the park. It happened due to a perfect blend of determination, zeal, regular practice, and hard work. As a little girl, Norka loved singing, and most people liked her gorgeous voice. Her parents accorded her the necessary support, and even proceeded to pay for her musical training classes. She was lucky to attend a high school that focused on creating a perfect balance between education and talents. Norka displayed her prowess in singing during several competitions and received numerous awards as a solo performer.

Even after joining a France-based college, Norka remained in touch with music. She joined a popular band that used to perform at various leading clubs in the city. She received her undergrad in business administration and ventured into the Monaco banking industry. After a brief stint in the banking sector of Monaco, Norka decided to leave her well-paying job, and pursue her vision of becoming a musician. She relocated to the United States with a mission of making a real difference in the world using her singing abilities and establishing a flourishing career.

The rising star

Norka announced her entry into the global music scene by releasing a couple of songs under producer Jose Velasquez. However, her real breakthrough happened when the seasoned producer, Emilio Estefan JR., agreed to produce her first album. Norka’s first album turned to be a big success with three singles topping the Latin Billboard and receiving multiple nominations during the Latin Music Awards. Her song “Miracle” became a major hit in both Venezuela and the U.S. It topped the Latin charts for nearly six months.

Norka’s health deteriorated in 2014 due to the epileptic condition that began in 2007. In January 2015, Norka was lucky to survive a brain surgery. She has remained strong during this tough period, and she is on her way to full recovery. Additionally, she has announced her comeback by releasing a song called “TomorrowLand.”

The Secret behind Success in the Makeup Industry Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the founder and the CEO of Lime Crime, an internet-based make-up brand. She launched her makeup line consists of bright and bold colors of different types of lipsticks in 2008. Her passion for bright colors dates back to her childhood times when she would get creative with the paints and colors and sometimes apply her mother’s make-up. Currently, she is responsible for the product development and running the operations of the company. His husband and co-partner at Lime Crime work as the President of Lime Crime.

Doe Deere’s fans know her as The Queen of Unicorns. She refers to her fans as unicorns who she interprets as people who love the color, brave, and ready to defy all the societal expectations. Her interests in developing the brand came up when she was looking for makeup that would match up to her bright colored clothes and could find none. She, therefore, brought to the market her unique brand with the primary goal of encouraging women to express themselves through bold colors. Currently, her makeup company attracts an enormous fan following globally, and Leaping Bunny certified Lime Crime’s products as cruelty-free.

Lime Crime produced their first Unicorn Lipsticks one year after their launch. They later released the Velvetines in 2012 followed by the matte lipstick. Her business is primarily online-based which makes it easier to advertise and market. Additionally, it is easy to respond to the client’s questions, reviews, and a get feedback from them instantly. On the other hand, the disadvantage of the online business is that any information especially negative one would go viral at an alarming speed and this may have a long-term adverse effect on business.

Doe Deere attributes her success for business to the in-depth knowledge about the brand, trusting her gut feeling, and developing a positive mental attitude while dealing with clients. Deere encourages all business leaders to promote mutual respect between employees and the employer. Appreciating the employees work lead to motivation to perform even beyond expectations leading to high business growth. She also advises all businesspersons to invest in developing an operational customer care department, which would cover all the mishaps that the company may face including security breaches.

Self-Made Magazine named Doe Deere as one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs in the United States along with other leading women in business like Arianna Huffington. She draws her inspirations from anyone ranging from the top celebrities to her friends though she names Kimberley Gordon as her role model. She recommends anyone interested in business to read ‘Think Big & Kiss Ass’ by Donald Trump and ‘Brand Gap and ZAG’ by Marty Neumeier. Doe Deere long-term goal is to be a role model and inspire women across the world to start their businesses.

Follow her on Twitter @doedeere

Sleeping Disorders Are Often Treated By Dentists

Over the years, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has helped many of his patients recover from sleep disorders. It turns out dentists are the doctors on the front lines of detecting and treating this malady of sleep apnea. It also has become modern knowledge that lack of sleep is related to many physiological problems an diseases. Some strokes have been connected to sleep apnea, as well. His practice has worked to successfully help many of his patients and with all known issues being treated.


Some seemingly unrelated problems, such as cardiovascular diseases and even diabetes have been correlated by Dr. Avi Weisfogel in his studies. Over the years, Dr. Weisfogel has solved each issue causing sleep apnea. He started the clinic to help his patients, and in the process he has found that most people with sleep apnea go undiagnosed. He has developed medical treatments that deal with the problem effectively. Dr. Weisfogel has published articles about the dangers of sleep apnea and also has described innovative solutions for effectively treating the debilitating condition.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel utilizes his Dental Sleep Masters clinic to educate and bring expertise in dealing with sleep apnea to many other physicians, practicing many disciplines. His professional technicians are expert in performing sleep studies from their labs. Many of the things they are discovering about sleep disorders are becoming new solutions for all doctors, everywhere. Weisfogel has come a long ways from his first career for 15 years at Old Bridge Dental Care. He learned well all the physical maladies that Dentists, as doctors, deal with on a regular basis.


Dr. Weisfogel first became interested in studying sleep disorder problems while at Old Bridge. He went on to start several sleep apnea clinics. His community has loaded him up with awards, such as his regular win of the Best Dentist award, year after year. He founded Dental Sleep Masters in 2014 with a first goal of helping other dentists begin to treat sleep apnea with new, high-tech oral instruments. He has DDS degree from the New York University College of Dentistry and a BA in biology and psychology from Rutgers University.

The Future of Business Growth

According to The Guardian and Business Insider, Billy McFarland, a twenty-three-year-old entrepreneurial genius, has just created an amazing discount in Social Network program that’s extremely beneficial for businesses and consumers alike. The discount program, named Magnises, provides members with a metal card that can be used just like a credit card at certain locations.

The card is connected to a members personal bank account, and when used at a location such as a bar or a restaurant will give a heavily discounted price to the overall cost before money is taken out of the bank account on file.

This is great news for normal consumers, as well them to enjoy activities and events that are usually very expensive at a discounted rate.

That being said this is an amazing idea for businesses to take advantage of, especially since business meetings are usually at these locations will be very cost-effective for them to perform these actions when using the membership card.

The potential is very high for corporations, as single business meetings often cost hundreds of dollars to complete without any guarantee that they will have positive results.

Now, through the Magnises program, the same amount of money spent on a single meeting can potentially be used for multiple meetings instead.

Potential to save a lot of money is an eye-opening experience for new business owners, and the money saved on discounted prices using this program can be used towards potential company growth.

Not only are salespeople and business owners now able to build up networsk and create personal connections with different business owners, they can do so for a much lower amount of money.

Domestically this is an amazing idea, and one that I’m sure Billy has considered already. Internationally there’s a lot of promise for this program as well, and even though it’s only currently found within the United States there’s always potential for it to move to other platforms across the world.

This discount program should not be ignored by anyone, and it is highly recommended that people take a look at it and take advantage of it.

Madison Street Capital Anticipates to Scoop Top Awards at the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards

The Chicago-based investment banking firm, Madison Capital, has maintained a continuous streak of success in the investment banking industry. As so, it has consistently scooped top accolades and recognitions in the industry, which has made it a force to reckon with in the industry. Recently, it appeared in the headlines as one of the finalists for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards.

The M&A Advisor Awards are among the highly prestigious in the finance sector. Hence, they are widely recognized as an apex of achievement in the industry. The awards recognize excellence in restructuring and financing, deal making as well as commemorating the accomplishments and contributions of leading professionals and firms.

In the M&A Advisor Awards, Madison got nominations for Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and International and Industrials Deal of the Year. The latter nomination acknowledged the role played by Madison Street Capital in facilitating the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A by Dowco. Karl D’ Cunha, the managing director of Madison Street Capital, headed the acquisition.

Charles Botchway, Madison’s founder and CEO, expressed his delight in assisting the company’s long-standing customer, Dowco. He also gave credit to Madison’s dealmakers who work in various parts of the world to connect customers with emerging businesses that match their needs for success and growth. The successful transaction between Dowco and Acuna & Asociados S.A demonstrated Madison’s unique abilities to deal with different challenges such as cross-border issues.

Winners of the M&A awards are expected to be announced later on November 9, 2016. The announcement will be made during the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala to be held at the New York Athletic Club. This information can be obtained from

Madison Street Capital

Since it was formed, Madison Street Capital has gained popularity as among the leading investment banking institutions in the world. Throughout its operations, it exudes the highest standards of service and integrity in offering financial opinions, corporate financial advisory solutions, and valuation services to privately and publicly owned businesses. Further, Madison Street Capital has displayed its prowess in partnering with middle-market institutions or companies in hundreds of niche markets and industry verticals. This particular endeavor has assisted Madison in attaining the best possible results from a variety of deals or transactions.

Madison leverages the expertise and experience of its professionals to analyze each customer’s needs in a bid to obtain the ideal match between sellers and buyers. This also assists the professionals in creating capitalization structures and arranging appropriate financing, which optimizes a customer’s potential. Madison specializes in various functions like private placements, mergers & acquisitions, ESOP Advisory, corporate governance, bankruptcy services and many others. Over the years, Madison has attained numerous accolades such as Cross-Border M&A Deal of the Year and Refinancing Deal of the Year award among many others.

Maintaining Your Online Presence



Have you searched your name online to find out how you are presented to customers and clients? What are people saying about your organization or your products and services? Impressive online reputation management is essential for business success, and you need to have a reliable system in place to ensure your success. That’s where the team at Fix Search Results can help fix bad search results.


A defamatory remark, or bad review, can certainly impede your chances of attracting customers to your company. People go online to research before making an informed decision about products and services they need to purchase. Companies should strive to keep a good image about their brand, and deliver on their promise.


It is important to react appropriately to what people say about your company or products, your brand, or your services. You also need to be able to address issues as soon as they occur, to prevent damage to your reputation. Sometimes a reaction is not advisable, and sometimes a response that is too late can ruin your reputation and cost you fortune in potential customers.


Perhaps you have not had any attacks or issues with your online reputation yet, but that does not mean it will never happen to you.


Seek professional help in monitoring and dealing with reputation issues. Experts like Fix Search Results can suppress negative search results and promote your positive content. Their services can help prevent attacks and protect your company from threats that are rampant online. They will evaluate your current reputation status and work closely with you to develop the right strategy for your needs.


Fix Search Results is a highly recommended reputation management firm in the industry. The team at this company has been delivering top notch services for many years and is highly dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction of clients. Their clients come from a variety of industries and are always happy with the quality of service they have received. This renowned company has high quality industry resources and tools, which enable them to render outstanding reputation management solutions to their clients.

Jim Hunt’s Perspective On Investing


Jim Hunt is someone that you follow if you’re new to investing and want to learn the moves to make that most investment bankers and brokers won’t tell you about. Hunt has a YouTube channel in which investors learn how to execute trades and follow the trends on stock charts, and he is always starting a new goal for making his millions. Hunt started up “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire in Just 10 Trades” as a way to show how investing and stock trading are fairly simple at their core, and many investors have benefited from Hunt’s tips.

Ideamensch, an independent investing and entrepreneur blog wanted to know more about Jim Hunt and his work, so they had him do a brief interview about it. Hunt explains why he started VTA Publications, a distance learning company with financial information. He did so because he was tired of seeing how banks took advantage of their customers, and wanted to give people a way to make money without going through the banks. He mentions Clickbank, an affiliate marketing program that beginning entrepreneurs can use as a vehicle for starting out in business. His most influential figure is Jesse Livermore, author of “Reminiscences of a stock operator.”


Hunt’s company, VTA Publications is rich with materials for learning to become financially independent. Along with Hunt, the company has several contributors who publish blog posts on how you should go about setting financial goals, and your relationship to others while doing so. The company has compiled books about retirement and how to plan for it, basics about reading stock charts, and futures options and little-known strategies. You can find seminars hosted by business experts as well, which are available on various multimedia recordings. All materials can be bought by going to, and shipped to just about anywhere in the world.

The well-rounded life of Mr. David Osio

David Osio is a prominent businessman whose passion to give back to the society through a number of philanthropic activities has grown correspondingly with his success in financial markets. He has a reputation for his endless support of health research, music, art, and the community as a whole.

One of the key components of Mr. Osio’s philosophy success involves giving back. In this regard, he has worked for over twenty years in conjunction with several not-for-profit organizations globally whose support improves the people, culture and art in the societies where he conducts business.

Osio’s charitable vision involves support of art charities, notably the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO). Others include Miami’s Saludarte Foundation of Art as well as the recent art exhibition of the work of Carlos Cruz-Diez in the U.S.

Mr. Osio, the current CEO of Davos Financial Group, asserts that he finds it rewarding to see the continued joy that such iconic foundations give to the community because of his contributions. In regards to healthcare, he continues to provide financial support to the International Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. It is his hope that other fortunate people in society can borrow the same leaf and make a financial contribution to this noble cause.

As the founder and current CEO of Davos Financial Group, Mr. Osio has steered the growth of the company both in the domestic and international market. Under his stewardship, the company has significantly increased its revenues besides setting up branches in strategic cities such as Geneva, Miami, Lisbon, New York, and Panama City. In each and every one of his business territories across the globe, Mr. Osio always strives to engage in charitable causes.

Other causes that are close to his heart involve indigenous issues. For instance, his support of the Wayuu Taya Foundation, an organization that provides health, education, infrastructure, and nutritional services to native communities in Latin America. Other notable support donations have been channeled to Fundana Foundation and UMA Foundation.

Following his reputation of supporting needy communities, Mr. David Osio has been the recipient of several international honors and acknowledgments including the South Florida Business Leaders 2009, Movers and Shakers 2009 and Medal of Honor from the United States Congress just to name a few.

David Osio earned his bachelor’s degree in International Banking Law from the Catholic University Andres Bello in 1988. His career began as a legal advisor in a law firm called MGO in Caracas, offering legal counsel to corporate clients including Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation. Over time, he served in a Managerial capacity in the Private Banking Sector of Banco Latino International in Miami, and as a Deputy President of Banking Commercial until he formed Davos Financial Group in 1993.

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