It is now Left to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi at Bradesco to Make it the Largest Lender in the Country again Following the Departure of Lazaro Brandao

     The last few years in the Brazilian banking industry have been marked by a great battle between its biggest two private lenders. Bradesco lost the coveted position in 2008 and had been fighting to reclaim the position from Itau Unibanco since. Consequently, any news coming out of the two banks is often closely looked at by industry observers with the specific desire of understanding how it will affect the battle. The most recent news coming out of Bradesco is that Lazaro Brandao, its chairman of 27 years, has resigned from his position. While such a senior leadership departure would have a significant impact on the operations of any bank, Bradesco will likely no experience this as it has appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as his replacement. It is hoped that Mr. Cappi will continue the fight against Itau Unibanco with the same zeal that his predecessor had.

Many within and outside Bradesco speculate that Lazaro Brandao has been preparing for his departure for the last few years. Many of those that hold this opinion point to his apparent grooming of Luiz Carlos Trabuco for the position of chairman. In 2014, Brandao nominated Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to become the vice chairman of the board. This appointment provided Trabuco with the opportunity to learn the inner workings of the board and greatly prepared him for the position he now holds at the bank

Before his most recent appointment to chair the Bradesco board, Luiz Carlos Trabuco had been serving as the Bradesco president. He was appointed to this position in early 2009, just a few months after Itau Unibanco had arrived in the scene. To further compound the problem, the Brazilian economy was significantly struggling in 2009, thus preventing Luiz Carlos Trabuco from immediately catching up to its larger competitor by way of an acquisition. This opportunity would, however, present itself six years later when British financial conglomerate HSBC announced that it was looking to sell its subsidiary in Brazil, HSBC Brazil. While there were other bigger banks in contention of acquiring the mid-tier bank, Bradesco showed the greatest initiative as Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi worked quickly to negotiate an agreeable deal between both parties. Finally, a sale figure of a little over $5 billion was agreed to, making the acquisition the largest deal in the financial industry that year.

By engineering the acquisition of HSBC Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi took Bradesco closer to overtaking Itau Unibanco than it had ever been since 2008. While Bradesco still lags behind Itau Unibanco in terms of asset value, it now has a larger network coverage and a bigger portfolio of high net worth clients. Once the synergies of the acquisition are completely realized in the coming years, it is highly likely that Bradesco could also surpass Itau Unibanco in a number of other industry metrics. Understandably, the completion of the high-stakes acquisition as won Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi an individual accolade. He was Money magazine’s entrepreneur of the year in the finance category for the year 2015.

Anyone who has observed Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s career thus far at Bradesco will confidently assert that he will be a successful chairman. The bank executive has been with the private lender for the entirety of his professional career and has worked in almost all areas of the bank’s operations. He is now the most experienced employee at the bank following the departure of Lazaro Brandao and has already taken active measures to mentor the next generation of leaders at the bank. It was during his tenure as president that Bradesco’s corporate university was opened.


A Little About Paul Wesley

The actor, director, and producer, Paul Wesley, was born on July 23, 1982, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Born to Polish parents, his original Polish name was Pawel Tomasz Wasilewski. He continues to speak Polish fluently. Wesley has three sisters: Monika Emara (married name), and Leah and Julia. Wesley began his acting career while in high school. He accepted his first role during his junior year: He was cast as Max Nickerson on the soap opera, Guiding Light. That was only the beginning. He has since appeared in a number of films, T.V. appearances, and even the stage.
Paul Wesley
In 2009 he began his most famous gig, The Vampire Diaries, which lasted until March 2017. It was during these years that he ventured into the world of directing by directing several episodes of the show throughout its run. With VD having recently concluded its run, Wesley is interested in seeking other projects to direct. 2014 was a big year for Wesley. During that year he starred in two films: First, he co-starred in and produced (his first time doing so) the film, “Before I Disappear.” His first venture as the producer was immensely successful and the film ended up being award-winning.
Paul Wesley
Later on in the year, he co-starred in “Amira and Sam.” The following year he was in the film, “The Late Bloomer.” In 2016 he stepped onto the stage in “Cal in Camo.” Wesley plays a man who is staying with his sister and brother-in-law while trying to recover from his wife’s death. Wesley has been much praised by critics for his portrayal. So well was his stage work received that it is very certain that he will be returning to it in the near future. Wesley married actress Torrey Devitto in 20011 and divorce in 2013. Since that time he has been dating Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin. Paul Wesley

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Leading Plastic Surgeon with a Heart of Gold

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is one of the leading plastic surgeons in the country with over ten years of experience in the field. He specializes in facelifts, breast augmentation, tummy tucks and other plastic surgeries. It has often been told that plastic surgeries are just used by the rich to improve their looks. But, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has helped numerous patients with severe burns to live a normal life.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar went to the University of Michigan to complete his under graduation and then received his degree in plastic surgery from the same university. But, his will to improve his skills did not end there. He then went to the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital and received his surgery degree in aesthetic surgery. He currently practices in Dallas and Plano area and is affiliated with many hospitals in the area including Forest Medical Center, Pine Creek Medical Center, Baylor Surgicare, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and many more.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has received a number of awards for his contribution to the medical field. He is also regarded highly by his patients. In 2012, he had won the Patient’s Choice Registry. Here, patients across the country vote and comment on the experience that they had with various patients. Only a few of the surgeons receive the honor, and Dr. Sameer Jejurikar was one of them that year. The same year, he was also added to their Registry of Business Excellence where only the best in their fields can get their names added.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar travels around the world to provide his service to the less fortunate people. He is part of the Smile Bangladesh organizations and goes annually to the country to help give a new life to burn victims. He feels that it is a part of his work and he is fortunate enough to be able to help them.

Jason Hope Has Plans For Anti Aging Research

Jason Hope has already shown his talent for tech with his recent work in Arizona and his ability to popularize the tech industry there. Now, Jason Hope wants to focus on anti aging research and finding ways to help researchers develop ways to slow or even reverse the aging process. If this research is successful, we’re going to see a completely different way of handling much of the world around us and a permanent paradigm shift. His donations and his support aren’t in a vacuum either. There are countless others out there who also firmly believe in reversing the aging process.

Jason Hope is focusing his donations on the SENS Institute. This organization is devoted to the anti aging cause and its scientists work on finding ways to fight aging on a constant basis. Their discoveries have led to a new idea about what aging means and how we should treat it. Aging is often thought of as being a basic part of life, but the SENS Institute believes that it is in fact a disease and must be treated as such. We understand that diseases can be cured and we try our best to do what we can about them. They are simply repeating this process with aging.

Jason Hope isn’t someone who aims for fantasies are far fetched ideas. He’s actually done quite a bit of work trying to help causes he believes are important to to the future of America and technology. Given his talent for futurism, it’s pretty clear that when he believes in something there’s a good chance it will come to pass. This was true in the past with many other trends like the Internet of Things and it is almost certainly the case with anti aging medicine and technology as we see it today.

Technology rarely comes unannounced and anti aging discoveries are no exception. Futurists like Jason Hope have played a big role in making the recent wave of tech popular and giving people the understanding they need to embrace it. This anti aging technology is going to come sooner or later and when it does we need to understand it fully. Hope has given people some of the best reading material on the subject you could ask for. The SENS Institute is one of the best involved and their impact is going to be felt by generations to come without a doubt.

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Lifeline Screening studies reveal what you can do to lead a longer and healthier life

Recent research has shown that a whopping 600,000 people living in the United States die each and every year from diseases related to the heart with the number expected to rise in the coming years if some measures are not put in place. More studies reveal that 25% of the deaths in the United States for both men and women are in kind connected to some cardiovascular disease. This actually makes heart disease the number one killer in the country. The silver lining, however, is that according to recent studies, more than a fifth of all of the deaths in the country can be prevented just by making lifestyle and dietary changes. This process begins by subjecting oneself to various preventive screening tests which can detect these problems early enough before they start causing problems and thus encouraging the individual to make positive lifestyle adjustments in a deliberate and conscious effort of living a long healthy life.

Heart disease is widely referred to as a silent killer because a lot of people with the disease do not realize it until the symptoms are so apparent and much damage has already been done. The unfortunate bit is that most of the first heart attacks are fatal thus most patients are never given a second chance to make the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes to control situation. Even further studies conducted regarding this matter have found that individuals who subject themselves to these types of preventive screening tests are more willing to make profound adjustments in their overall lifestyle choices once they find out that they are at a higher risk of developing heart complications. The researchers go even further to say that the preventive screening tests act as some form of motivating factor to make significant lifestyle and dietary changes to live a better, longer and healthier life hence even more reason to visit companies like Lifeline Screening to get your test today.

A note about Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening was founded in 1993 in the state of Texas, with the main objective of being the leading advanced cardiovascular health screening provider both in the United States and all across the world targeting all of those individuals who really care about their wellbeing and want to find out their state of cardiovascular health. Lifeline Screening has made deliberate and conscious efforts to make the whole process of preventative health screening easy, fast, and affordable.

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Alexandre Gama: A Leader For Brazil

Alexandre Gama is a very successful Brazilian businessman who created a name for himself in the creative industry. His main work is in the communication and advertising field, but he is known to dip his hands in other areas as well. Gama originally graduated from the Armando Alvarez Penteado Foundation. This is where his career essentially began.

After working a few entry level jobs in the creative industry, Alexandre Gama finally founded a very unique and prosperous company named Neogama. Nogama is well rebound and known as one of the fastest growing businesses in Brazil. The company has had several partnerships in its existence which include companies like BBH and Publicis Groupe. As of 2016, however, Neogama is solely operated by Alexandre Gama himself and the company focuses its attention to work only in Brazil.

Aside from Neogama, Alexandre Gama has also been very prosperous and successful in other ventures as well. For example, he founded VIOLAB. A unique platform in which Brazilian artists are able to showcase their many talents. He also the first Latin American to teach a class at the Cannes Film Festival, and has had his very own art exhibit at the Brazilian Art Museum.

Personalized Merchandising with Sentient AI

Sentient AI wants to help your customers find the products they need more intuitively and effectively than relatively simple algorithms, or recommendations based on user history. Sentient AI brings truly personalized merchandising in real time. Sentient is able to gather information on your businesses target prior to receiving any input, based purely on machine learning. By taking constant snapshots of images that the user sees and interacts with, Sentient AI is able to determine what the users style and preferences are and direct that user to the right place in your store.

In the past, when a person goes to your e-store to purchase a dress, once she has clicked the link that interests her, she is presented with a list of dresses that people “like her” have also clicked on. This may be helpful, if humans were all cut from the same cloth, but we aren’t! What Sentient AI does is analyze images that the user clicks and learns based on that input what type of dress she is really searching for. If she chooses a red dress, Sentient will present more red dresses with varying qualities. When she chooses one red dress with a short hem, Sentient is better able to “guess” at the desired dress. After many rounds of input, Sentient is better able to predict the customers’ desires and genuinely personalize their merchandise and shopping experience.

Once this relationship is established, re-marketing for every campaign is a breeze. The intuitive Sentient software already knows about your shoppers habits, likes and dislikes. E-mail campaigns can be personalized as well as automated, providing value on all marketing fronts. By gathering information from the shoppers’ perspective, Sentient AI is able to visualize what the user is seeing and take steps to provide optimal interactions that keep the consumer coming back to your store.

This method of personalized merchandising has been proven effective at increasing average order value, catalog views and conversions. It makes sense, for many reasons. A more personalized experience means that the shopper will continue to visit the store, because they feel valued. And valued they are, with Sentient remembering every interaction and building on that retail relationship. Personalized shopping is one of many luxuries that you can offer your customers using Sentient AI.

Imran Haque Cares About His Patients

When a patient shows up at a doctor’s office and they are looking for some kind of help, that doctor has to figure out how they will treat the patient and just how much of their time they are willing to give to that individual. It is helpful to a patient when the doctor actually cares about them. Imran Haque is someone who cares about his patients and their needs. When he was asked about his job and what it is about that job that makes him happy, Imran Haque shared that he likes nothing better than to see his patients happy and healthy. He likes to heal his patients, but he also likes to teach them how to take care of their health and how to live their lives in a better way. He shared that he likes to give his patients tools and skills that will help them out.

When Imran Haque was asked about a long-term goal that he has in regard to his work, he shared that he would like to stay kind and compassionate. He wants his patients to feel comfortable with him, and he would like to be the kind of doctor who is known for treating his patients well. He does not want to be an aloof doctor as many are, but he would like to be someone who makes his patients feel comfortable.

Imran Haque is a doctor who focuses on internal medicine. He works for Horizon Internal Medicine in North Carolina. When he was asked about advice he has for others who would like to have careers similar to his own, he shared that it is important for a doctor to think of their patients as people. He believes that it is important for a doctor to look at their patients and see who they really are, not just the health issues that they are facing and more

Josh Smith And His Work With Modular Greenhouses in Reno, Nevada

Josh Smith is the co-founder and the CEO of Modular Greenhouses. Working out of Reno, Nevada, Smith is always trying new things. He is someone who is always coming up with fresh ideas. The mission of Modular Greenhouses is to be a leader when it comes to gardening programs that work with schools across the country. Josh Smith works in Reno, Nevada to make sure that Modular Greenhouses is always up to something new.
Josh Smith of Reno, Nevada is someone who always stays busy because he is always inspired to do something new. He believes that a person will be productive as long as they have a passion for the work that they are completing. When he has projects before him that are inspiring to him and that allow him to be creative as he completes them, then he will work on those projects and do his best to get them done well. He is someone who is always up for a project as long as that project is focused on something that means something to him. One of Josh Smith’s more ambitious goals is to get a greenhouse in every school in Washoe County. This is a big goal, and it is one that this man takes seriously.

There are some people who are constantly busy and who do not have enough time to focus on all of their hobbies, work, and interests. Josh Smith is someone who stays busy with his work. He does not have enough time each day to accomplish all that he would like to accomplish. He works on multiple projects all at once, trying to accomplish each one in the way that is best. He is someone who has much work to get done, and he is always striving to do that work in the best way possible.

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Paul Mampilly says what investments are going to be huge in a matter of time

There are a lot of investments out there floating around, but not all of them are going to be lucrative. Paul Mampilly financial advisor, has some investments that are bound to make huge returns in the near future. Here they are.

Car technology is going through some big change right now. Vehicles with the latest technology and features will certainly take over dying brands. This is particularly true for electric cars. They are going to be all over the place in no time. Tesla, an electric car brand is already growing in numbers with a huge demand and waiting list accumulated. Investing in this field is a surefire way to make a pretty penny.

Food delivery services are all the rage right now and growing. The average millennial spends about $50 dollars each week on dinning out say Paul Mampilly. Now not all food at restaurants are healthy, and there is a growing demand for healthier food. This is where food delivery systems come in. There is very little waste, practically no preparing or chopping, and portions are already measured out for you. It makes cooking fun and easy. It’s also ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands, which is practically everyone right now. Investing in this cool and healthy service can be a wise way to invest your money.

Have you ever heard of precision medicine? Well, it’s going to be what every doctor will be using in the near future. Doctors will use a patient’s genetic information (DNA) to diagnose issues more precisely. It’s personalized medicine for a modern world. This is going to change the whole medical field for the better because one treatment for a patient may not work for another. Investing in precision medicine is definitely a smart decision if you are looking to put back some extra cash for your future.

Paul Mampilly went to Montclair State University where he got his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting. Determined to get his Master of Business Administration, he went to Fordham Graduate School of Business from 1995 to 1997. Paul received an MBA in Finance. Out of college he started working for Financial Institutions like Bankers Trust, ING, and Deutsche Bank. Paul Mampilly’s current role is of founder and Chief Executive Officer of Capuchin Consulting in Durham, North Carolina. He is the founder of the ever popular financial monthly newsletter Profits Unlimited.

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