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Brian Torchin Offers Staffing Solution for Medical Industry

Brian Torchin started Health Care Recruitment Counselors Staffing, to provide a quality recruiting service in the medical field. He started out as a chiropractor and saw a major need for expert staffing solutions in the medical arena. They assist people who are getting started in the medical field to find the right position for their skills. They help new professionals understand what employers needs and want, before they even apply, so that the right candidates are hooked up with the right employers.

Brian Torchin is the President and founder of HCRC Staffing. He has spent many years in staffing offices in Florida, Pennsylvania and Delaware. His businesses help medical offices hire physicians, chiropractors, physician assistants, nurse s and physical therapists. Brian is known for his integrity, honesty and professionalism. Brian has a background in sports medicine and still actively provides chiropractic services. He may be able to reduce back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches and injuries from accidents and falls.

BitsyLink tells us Brian studied at the University of Delaware, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and Physical Therapy. While there, he developed an interest in healing. He went on to for his Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine, also at the University of Delaware. After working as a chiropractor for a while, he realized the trouble medical facilities have finding good people for their open positions and how recent graduates have difficulty finding positions. This motivated him to start his staffing company. It has been so successful that he has expanded his business internationally.  There’s more information about the job listings that Brian has on

Jim Hunt Provides Some of the Best Investment Education

One of the top finance and investing experts around is Jim Hunt. He is based in the United Kingdom and provides a number of programs that help people maximize the returns on their investments. Over the years he had developed programs that teach others how to make lots of money trading stocks and options. With his expertise, Hunt has put together programs that enable people to get the knowledge and strategies necessary to make as much money as possible when they invest it. Since trading stocks and options can be quite complicated, Hunt has decided to provide programs that simplify the process and enable investors to more easily evaluate stocks and then make the most profitable trades.

There are two main programs that Hunt has made for VTA Publications that help investors succeed. One of these programs that Hunt has made is SV-60 which is among the most lucrative trading programs available. This strategy helps investors evaluate stocks and then make trades that can result in a profit up to 100% of the time. Therefore this program by Hunt is one of this best and is one of the ways in which he helps investors get the most out of their investment trading experience. Another program that Jim Hunt has made is Pyjama Profits. This program allows investors to place trades at night and then receive their profits the next morning. As a result Jim Hunt is an established investing expert who helps teach people how to maximize their trading success.

One of the finance and investment education companies that can help investors succeed is VTA Publications. This company specializes in offering courses as well as seminars on how to invest in stocks, options and also plan your retirement. Recently the company released a brief video that gives you a general overview of looking at a stock chart. Although it was only 46 seconds long, it gives you an idea of how to read a stock chart and then make a transaction after navigating it.

VTA Publications is based in the United Kingdom and has been in business for several years. Over the last several years it has established itself as a leading education company that offers people the opportunity to learn more about how to invest their money. Since investing is a very important but complicated activity, this company gives people a very useful source to make it easier. With this company investors will get a number of articles to read, seminars to listen to and courses that they can read over and take. By using all of these sources, people will likely become better investors as well as having a great chance at more easily reaching their goals. Therefore VTA Publications is one company that can help you get more out of your investing and business endeavors.  Check out the store to see what Jim Hunt and VTA have  for you.

What’s New From Lime Crime?


What exactly is makeup for unicorns? Well, imagine the most colorful, unorthodox, in your face cosmetics and shades, and that is where you will find your answer; or you could just shop Lime Crime cosmetics, and skip the research. Lime Crime is a makeup company that was founded by Russian-born, Doe Deere. Everything about Deere exudes creativity, and her personality is surely as colorful as her hair that current week. The Queen of Unicorns created her company for herself due to the fact that she could never find any fun makeup on the shelves. What she never expected was her company to skyrocket into stardom, and to be as favored as it really is.

Part of the reason Lime Crime maintains its likable qualities is because it never remains the same. It is pretty difficult to understand how all of these crazy colors even exist, but the tireless efforts of the CEO and staff make certain that simple shades will never be in any of their packages. Their regular release of new colors that are in packages as unique as the hues themselves and, of course, seasonal favorites makes Lime Crime standout all year long. So, what is the company currently up to, and what outrageous colors are there this time?

2 Moods Duo

Are you feeling sad or happy today, or maybe a mixture of both? Well, your makeup can certainly depict your mood with Deere’s thoughtful creations, like the 2 Moods Duo Lip Kit. One side is one color, while the other is drastically different. It sounds strange, but moods are odd, and the makeup inspired after them is truly stunning.

True Love Set

Did you know that Doe Deere has been faithfully married to her husband for quite some time? Perhaps that is where the inspiration for these lipsticks came from, and their sweet red and pink hues will leave even the most neutral unicorn feeling warm inside.

Salem and Beetle Duo or Cashmere and Roswell?

In Lime Crime’s world, brown is not brown, but Salem and beetle; purple is not purple, but cashmere and Roswell. The best part is when they are paired together, and create the most visually stunning lips ever.

Alien, Teacup, and Zenon

To those who might not know better, these are velvetine lipsticks by Lime Crime, and they are neon green, blue, and gold.

Blue Milk

Sorry, but you will not be drinking this. You will, however, be lining your gorgeous eyes with this light blue eyeliner.

To know more about Doe Deere, visit or follow her on twitter.

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