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Dr. Avi Weisfogel: America’s Busiest Dentist, Hip Hop Star, Philanthropist, and Sleep Apnea Expert

Avi Weisfogel is one of the most famous dentists in the Northeast. He is also one of the busiest. And, no, that is not only because of his award winning dentistry at New Jersey’s Old Bridge Dental Care, for which he has been given the Best Dentist award many years in a row. Dr. Weisfogel actually has many other interests and talents that has brought him great acclaim in recent years.

For example, Dr. Weisfogel can be found on Soundcloud dropping some sick original hip-hop beats. These hip-hop songs have provided Dr. Weisfogel hours of fun, and they have gained him great support in recent years from fans of his music.

The support garnered from both his hip-hop productions and his dentistry work all help Avi Weisfogel with his philanthropic and educational ventures. One of Dr. Weisfogel’s primary concerns is raising awareness of sleep apnea through his “Healthy Heart Sleep” campaign that he launched with other sleep specialists in the area. Dr. Weisfogal has taught at many dentist conventions in recent years on a variety of sleeping issues. He is interested in finding places where dentistry intersects with sleep abnormalities. Through these lectures, Dr. Weisfogal hopes to arm all dentists with the best knowledge and tools available for helping patients who may have sleep apnea.

In addition to his work educating others on sleep apnea, Dr. Weisfogel began his own GoFund Me page to help the charity organization Operation Smile. This organization has helped thousands of children with cleft lips or other facial deformities. Professional plastic surgeons work to bring smiles to the faces of these children all around the world. Dr. Weisfogel’s current goal is to raise $2,000 for Operation Smile.

Eric Pulier: Full-Fledged Technologist and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Eric Pulier is a technologist, entrepreneur, published author, public speaker, columnist, philanthropist, and the founder of over fifteen different companies. Eric Pulier graduated from Teaneck High School in 1984 , and went to Harvard University afterwards to study in English and American Literature, Visual and Environmental Studies, and Computer Science.

During his collegiate years he was also the author of a weekly column called PulierLeg that he wrote for the Harvard Crimson Weekly, of which he also acted as an editor. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard in 1988 with a Bachelor’s Associate’s degree.

Pulier has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for business ventures he has either founded, or co-founded, some of which include Digital Evolution, Media Platform, Akana Desktone, ServiceMesh, and US Interactive. He has invested in venture capital funds and many charitable organizations, showing off his philanthropic side. Some of which include Monitor Ventures, Trident Capital, and eCompanies.

He has also recently invested in a new firm that is closely in alliance with some of the most prominent and notable names in the technology industry, some of whom are soon to be announced – a clear measure of his ambition, direction, and confidence in the future of the technology industry, and the many seed-level startup companies that exist in media and technology, of which he is an active investor. He has helped to push many of them to great financial success as well.

Eric Pulier was also chosen to build and run the “Bridge to the 21st Century”, a multi-day event which took place on the Mall in Washington D.C., for Bill Clinton and Al Gore to commemorate their 2nd inauguration. The event was huge, attracting thousands of people and hundreds of members of Congress, the Senate, and the US Supreme Court.

Pulier is also very active in philanthropy and the philanthropic community as well, and focuses particular attention on endeavors that use technology as a means to solve difficult, pressing issues in economically struggling communities and physically impaired children around the globe. He is also the active father of four children, and serves on the board of the Painted Turtle, a summer camp designed for chronically ill children in mind, and on the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

John Goullet: The Working Man’s Man

John Goullet is someone that has achieved a lot of respect and admiration at Diversant. As a member of their leadership and advisory board, he is always chock full of wonderful ideas and information. He is always thinking and that brain of his never shuts off and never turns off. Even when he isn’t at work, he is thinking of ways to make the company better and ways to improve it. That is why he such a valued commodity. At heart, the man is an entrepreneur and in addition to that, he has been in charge of many hugely successfully IT ventures. When you have success, people tend to pay attention and notice you when you walk into a room.

It all started for John Goullet when he was an IT consultant and then he went over to IT staffing in 1994. However, John has never been one to be satisfied. He is always thinking of ways to change things and shake up the IT world a little bit. He knows that playing it safe is boring and it isn’t going to get you anywhere in life. Because of this, he started Info Technologies, which is an IT staffing company, and they were put in charge of finding solutions for Fortune 500 companies. I think that speaks volumes to the level of trust that people put in the hands of John Goullet.

It only took five years, as a matter of fact, for his company to earn $30 million. Everything that John is a part of and everything that he does, it only gets better. That is what he is doing at Diversant. He knows he has certain skills and knowledge that he can pass on to the company and help the company with in their day-to-day operations. John is an open book and he is filled with wonderful stories and a brain filled with ideas that he is willing to share. He is a true trendsetter and one-of-a-kind. What is exciting about John is we don’t know what he has up his sleeve next. One thing we do know is that whatever it is, it will change the IT world.

James Dondero Partners With Linda Owen To Strategize On Improving The Impacts Of Donations By Highlands Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is Dallas-based investment management firm which has over $20 billion in assets under management. The president of the company who is also the co-founder is James Dondero also referred as Jim. The firm has recorded significant expansion and was even forced to find a president of its institutional product division. James Dondero hired Terry Jones as the president of the division to bring in the company the vast experience he has in the financial services industry.

The roles Mr. Jones will undertake will include the company’s discussions about the strategic institutional products to drive the business development solutions for the division. Mr. Jones will also carry out the vital task of aligning portfolio risk management across the board in the division. One of the alignment tasks he has to undertake will include optimizing the risk management infrastructure, identification, assessment, and mitigation.

James Dondero expressed his optimism that Terry’s leadership will put the organization in a better position to compete in the fast-changing marketing. His management will enhance the risk-adjusted performance and expedite solutions in a complex market. Apart from making gains in the business segment and tremendous competitive advantage globally, Highlands is also increasing its charity giving to give back to the society.

Recently, Jim representing Highlands teamed up with Linda Owen, the civic leader of Dallas to provide a viable strategic direction for Highlands philanthropic activities as the firm continues to increase funding. The goal of the partnership is to ensure that Highland’s charitable activities generate the greatest impact in the communities the funds are directed to. Linda is indeed a great partner to work with Dondero with her proven track record in private-public partnership deals.

Currently, HCM is donating more than $3 million to charity organizations for implementation. The donations are channeled through The Dallas Foundation to support veterans’ education, healthcare, and other community-based functions in Dallas. Some of the public institutions that have benefited from the program include the Center for Brain Health, the Dallas Zoo, and Snowball Express among others.

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Switch to the Wen by Chaz Line of Products

Gorgeous hair starts with the right clean and this can often be a problem when you are using typical lather. Most women and men who lather up by using typical shampoos are going to notice more frizz and flyaway hair just because of the fact that every time they shampoo, they are stripping any possible moisture from their hair and making it look frizzy. If this is becoming a problem for you, it is time to switch to a product people are absolutely buzzing about. This product is known as Wen hair by Chaz and it is being used by normal people, celebs and both men and women all over the world.

In fact according to, Wen by Chaz is being sold in many other countries with rave reviews and it is changing the way people are cleansing their hair. It uses essential oils and a mixture of other natural ingredients to get that hair sparkling clean and never greasy but without stripping it totally. While many people are hesitant to give Wen by Chaz a try because it is a totally new way to clean hair, an author for Bustle talked about her experience using the line on her thin and fragile hair that tends to become greasy too easily.

Once you begin to use the Wen by Chaz products, you will never want to go back to your old shampoo products ever again. For a lot of people, choosing this Sephora marketed product is one of the best things they have ever done and they would never go back to the bottles they used years ago to get their hair clean. Cleansing conditioner may seem like a new option for a lot of people, but the reviews speak for themselves for people who absolutely love the line and wouldn’t go a day without it.

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The Manse On Marsh 5-Star Review

Every day there are articles and news stories about nursing facilities and assisted care homes. Some are good and some articles are bad. It is a real treat to have a good article such as the article on the Manse on The Marsh’s recent article by kctv5. In this article, The Manse is being recognized for all of the 5-star reviews it has under it’s belt. The facility is well known in the San Luis Obispo area. Families are very happy to have their loved ones admitted to this facility because they know the family member will receive the best in care. The Manse on Marsh offers families the confidence when they take a tour of the facility. They learn all about the unique care assessments each resident undergoes. This unique assessment helps to keep costs down. The few things that the resident requests assistance for will adjust their cost.

The Manse on Marsh is a beautiful facility that houses seniors that need a little bit of help in their later years. This facility is always ready to help as the resident needs. It offers the residents an on staff nurse and medication assistance. The Manse is Arroyo Grande assisted. The Manse has a care system that helps them provide just the right amount of care to each person. Some of the services the facility offers are medication reminders or management, meal preparation and reminders, grooming and shower assistance, and a sense of care from everyone involved in the care plan.

When you read the article that came out June of 2016 you will find that the Manse is very happy to announce their 5 awards. The Manse maintains high standards of excellence. The facility has on-site laundry, maid cleaning service, transportation, and activities. Every person that lives at the Manse can keep a busy schedule if they wish. The dining is 5 star in itself. Open dining with delicious food will make anyone happy to eat. The Manse on Marsh CEO Andy Cohen is very proud and quick to congratulate each individual family, resident, and staff member that is involved in making the Manse a 5-star facility.

The Life of Norka Luque

Norka Luque was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She, however, is now based in the US where she is pursuing her music career. This Venezuelan beauty started her singing at a very early age. At the age of 8, she was already producing her music. During her childhood she participated in many music competitions where she would always win the awards.

After completing her high school studies in Venezuela, she moved to France to pursue higher education. She graduated with various degrees in International business, Fashion, Culinary Arts and marketing. However, even as she studied in France, she never forgot her true passion. She joined Band Mooning Rising, a funk and rock band. Through this band, she got many opportunities by attending various gigs. Also, this served as a learning experience for the soloist route that she is now taking.

On completing her studies in France, Norka Luque traveled to the US, where she wanted to grow her music career. This is where he met Emilio Estefani Jr., who is now her producer. When she first met Emilio Estefani, she acted as any other upcoming musician would. She did not hesitate to ask for a chance to sing and demonstrate what she does best. Estefani was kind enough to give her the chance.

Estefani invited her to his Crescent moon studio. He listened to her sing and decided that she had a lot of potential and with a little polishing up, she would definitely be a star. Since then, this renowned producer took her in and has been producing her to date.

Luque talks of her journey. She says that she was blessed to be raised in a background that presented her with a lot of opportunities for her to grow musically. However, she says that the journey has not been without its challenges. In the year 2007, the artist had to deal with weight issues. She was overweight and this was affecting both her personal and career life. However, she got a personal trainer, one of the best in the industry, in fact, the personal trainer to Shakira. Since then, her weight has improved. And, although she is not petite, she is in a really great shape.

Norka has been nominated for various awards. She was once nominated in the Premios Lo Nuestro in the Female Pop Artist of the Year category.

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