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The Online Reputation Management Firm of the Future

Since its founding, Status Labs has become one of the leading online reputation management firms. The firm creates top of the line solutions that help solve the unique problems of a client. Though the firm’s headquarters are located in Austin, Texas, the company has offices in New York City, New York and São Paulo, Brazil, and manages over a thousand clients spread across 40 countries.

Status Labs’ excellent digital marketing and PR Strategy hasn’t gone unnoticed. The firm has been profile in famous publications like the New York Times, New York Post, and US News & World Report.

Status Labs was recognized by the Austin Business Journal (ABJ) in 2015 as one of the city’s fastest growing companies in their annual Fast 50 list. Which is not an easy feat, considering how competitive the tech and business scene is in Austin, Texas. Status Labs was awarded by ABJ because of their 1,099 percent growth between 2012 and 2015 as an elite public relations and digital reputation management firm.

Status Labs has also been recognized by Inc. 500 in 2016. The online reputation management firm made the cut of the Inc. 500 List of fastest growing companies.

President and CEO of Status Labs, Darius Fisher considers the company receiving accolades for its efforts a true honor. According to Fisher, the Status Labs team and staff members takes the recognition as confirmation that the company is moving in the right direction. Fisher has also been the recipient of praise and awards. PR Week awarded Fisher with its Innovation 50 award in 2015.

Status Labs intends to keep expanding its reach until it becomes a nationwide entity. Darius Fisher is more than certain that the firm will receive more accolades and continue to be a strong force within the online reputation management industry through the diligent work of its employees.

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The teachers’ savior, Classdojo

About Classdojo
ClassDojo is a behavior feedback app used by lots of students and teachers to nature specific positive behaviors like curiosity, teamwork, and persistence in schools. The app allows teachers to give students real-time feedback on how to solve the most challenging problem encountered by teachers, something that every teacher spends almost 50% of their class time on that is, improving student’s behavior.

The app was as a result of teachers wanting to make teaching easier. The teachers used Classdojo to award students with positive points when they demonstrate a new skill or behaved well. The tool over the years has grown into a communication site where teachers share photos, text messages and videos with parents about what is going on in their students’ classrooms. To date, ClassDojo is now actively used by half of all U.S schools, as well as by other schools in over 180 other countries.

Summary of
ClassDojo has been able to raise $21 million in a Series B round of venture funding for tech that connects teachers, parents, students’ and assists them communicate consistently about student’s sociability, behavioral development, and all other activities at school. With a regular annual communication from the school, means that parents are pre-notified of how their children are behaving and what they’re experiencing, and not being surprised by incidents which are communicated to them once a semester’s parents to teachers meeting.

According to the co-founders of Classdojo, the company put a halt to the round in late 2015, and is using the money to grow their resources, and to figure out what kind of features can be useful to parents who are using Classdojo, not just during the school days, but also at home. Chaudhary, one of the co-founders said, “The idea behind Class dojo is to assist parents guide conversations at home and enhance the development and learning their children are doing at school.”
Teachers, on the other hand, use ClassDojo to prepare a schedule of activities which is let known to parents on a daily basis. They can also use this tool throughout the day to snap and send videos or photos to parents showing off a student’s latest participation in activities.

When the app was born in 2011, ClassDojo’s founders said they saw a different educational tech business platform which was supposed to create digital grade books, tests, and a curriculum, but instead, it brought about an app that gave birth to a community among students, teachers, and their parents.

I’ve Reviewed FreedomPop Services And Love Them

I’ve never found a company that’s more generous with their low prices than FreedomPop, and even though I resent not choosing them years ago, I still learned a valuable lesson. After I chose to go with another major wireless company, I was boggled down by bills that were as high as $150 a month. With these high bills, I would easily get my phone cut off almost every month at some point because I wasn’t able to keep up with the payments. I can’t believe that I’m now only paying $20 per month for the same unlimited service that was costing me $150 with another provider.

The only reason I made the switch to FreedomPop is because I was told about the company when I went into a large electronics store to make a purchase. The retailer told me about FreedomPop and their services and offered to sell the service to me, but I wasn’t sold until I heard that the price was only $20 per month. I asked the retailer what compromises I would be making if I chose to go with FreedomPop, but I came to find out that I wouldn’t lose any of the quality services that I used to paying $150 for each month.

Another concern I had was my phone because I really love my phone and wanted to take it with me but didn’t think that FreedomPop would allow me to do so. I couldn’t have been happier when the retailer told me that as long as my phone was unlocked that I could use it with FreedomPop. I became ecstatic when I was signing up for the service and paid the fees and was able to get the service right away.

I canceled the service I was paying $150 for and received a partial refund for the month, which more than covered what I paid FreedomPop for their service. I enjoy being able to use my data as much as I want as well as talking to people whenever I want with my phone. I also send a lot of text messages and receive them as well, and my fee is never higher than $20 per month. FreedomPop has made such a difference in how I look at cell phone service as well as what I pay for it. I’m a walking billboard for a FreedomPop review and would tell anyone to join the service.

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Wengie’s Morning Routine 2016

Wengie outlined her morning routine for this year in her video “Morning Routine 2016”. Wengie admits that she initially never wants to get up in the morning and tends to snuggle with her cat. After her alarm goes off though, she does try to get up without using the snooze. She admits using the snooze makes her feel yucky. She typically brushes her teeth first thing in the morning and applies lip balm on her lips.

Then Wengie goes to make food and eat. She eats a vegan, high energy breakfast. She chops up tomatoes and mushrooms then she pours vegetable stock and herbs over the vegetables in a bowl. Then she puts her soup bowl into the microwave for a few minutes. After it is done she puts spinach and avocado as a topper. She takes her soup to sit by a window for a relaxing view. She sits and eats while enjoying the view and an educational video.

Once she is done eating Wengie places her bowl in the sink and heads back to her room. She first cleans the bed, then she goes into the bathroom to clean her face. She cleanses with a cooling toner, applies a moisturizer and does a mini face massage. After she is done with that she applies her everyday makeup look, which she states you can view in one of her other videos.

Her hairstyle is easy and not harsh on her blueish grey hair. She just keeps her hair in two braids while she sleeps then she takes out her braids in the morning. This gives her loose, beachy waves.

Last of all Wengie gets dressed. She selects a summer outfit. A white tshirt with a pair of shorts and Nike air sneakers is her go to summer outfit.

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