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Securus Technologies Abolishing Crime

One of the tragic realities of being locked up is it creates an incentive for misbehavior. Securus Technologies is leap frogging the competition with new and innovative research on how to prevent crime. One of the best ways is to have a secure jail that encourages reformation of the inmates’ characters. Securus Technologies is a paragon of organizational zeal. Securus Technologies has software for writing complaint forms. If staff have a problem with how something is going, they can instantly record the problem, unlike in the past, when costly paper forms were the norm. Securus Technologies is a powerful example of what happens when profit meets protection. Devotion to our customers is why Securus Technologies remains one of the leading providers of resources for prisons throughout North America.


Another great product offered by Securus Technologies is the video chat option. Video chat allows you to connect with those you care about who are locked up. When you chat with them, you discover what you were missing emotionally, and the prisoner is happy.


As you consider what products to include in your jail, it pays to look at the best in the business. Securus Technologies is a superb and top quality organization based in Dallas, Texas.


Doe Deere Faces Great Opposition To Start Makeup Business But Emerges Successful

The makeup industry may be used mostly by women, but it was founded mostly by men. Take for instance Revlon, it was founded by Charles Revson. Then there is Max Factor, it was founded by Mac Factor. So, when Doe Deere wanted to create a makeup company founded by a woman, imagine the opposition she found. Don’t think for one minute that the opposition held her back.

When the idea to start a company came to the forefront, Deere found that the colors were nothing that she could wear. She hates black, brown, tan, and grays. Back in 2006-07, most of the color choices offered were more natural hues. She prefers pastel colors of pink, purple, orange, green, and blue. Glitter makeup was something that came out around Halloween, but you could not find it year around. Perplexed by the lack of choices, Deere, and her husband began mixing their own cosmetics.

She loved her design abilities and people would comment on her unique look. When she realized she had a following among the young crowd, she knew it was time to market her finds. Her first marketplace was on eBay. Through their store fronts, she created a site and sold her products. Soon, she couldn’t keep up with production and she found herself running herself ragged. She knew that her product was a winner, and she needed to go big.

She launched Lime Crime to the online community in the beginning of 2008. She has a couple of storefront locations that have come with time, but the majority of her base is with the online community. She is able to keep her overhead costs low by handling her business this way. She has her corporate offices near her home in Los Angeles. She has a few dedicated employees, most of who are family members.

Deere came to this country from Russia as a teenager. She wanted to be in the music industry. While she did start out in a band, she found herself in the fashion world. Her landing spot after coming over to this country was Manhattan, which is a great place to learn about fashion. She went to college and had fashion design in her forecast. But it was the makeup world that kept calling her. At a slumber party, she decided to do everyone’s makeup for them. Of course, true to Deere’s fashion, it was loud, and she was proud. It was that night that changed the course of her life forever.

Her biggest fans are the tween age group, those between 13-17. Deere doesn’t care who uses her products, as long as she has a steady market. She has introduced many new products to go along with her eyeshadows and lipsticks. Though the makeup industry has come a great deal over the years, she still has a clientele that appreciates her flair for the dramatic.

For a woman who travels with pixie dust sprinkled in her hair of pink or purple, she certainly makes a statement. Don’t mistake her appearance and childlike manner as weakness, Deere is one strong business woman.

Follow her on Twitter @doedeere

Norka Luque is Bringing a New Taste to the Global Music Scene

Most musicians aim at establishing a large fan base across the globe. Their dreams are to perform at globally recognized festivals, scoop prestigious awards, make a lot of money and live a celebrity life. However, Norka Luque measures her success based on the number of people she has motivated and empowered to pursue their dreams. She leverages her music to spread a message full of unwavering inspiration to her fans worldwide. Most of her songs have earned high-profile nominations and topped Billboard charts.

Musical career highlights

Norka’s burst onto the global musical scene was not a walk in the park. It happened due to a perfect blend of determination, zeal, regular practice, and hard work. As a little girl, Norka loved singing, and most people liked her gorgeous voice. Her parents accorded her the necessary support, and even proceeded to pay for her musical training classes. She was lucky to attend a high school that focused on creating a perfect balance between education and talents. Norka displayed her prowess in singing during several competitions and received numerous awards as a solo performer.

Even after joining a France-based college, Norka remained in touch with music. She joined a popular band that used to perform at various leading clubs in the city. She received her undergrad in business administration and ventured into the Monaco banking industry. After a brief stint in the banking sector of Monaco, Norka decided to leave her well-paying job, and pursue her vision of becoming a musician. She relocated to the United States with a mission of making a real difference in the world using her singing abilities and establishing a flourishing career.

The rising star

Norka announced her entry into the global music scene by releasing a couple of songs under producer Jose Velasquez. However, her real breakthrough happened when the seasoned producer, Emilio Estefan JR., agreed to produce her first album. Norka’s first album turned to be a big success with three singles topping the Latin Billboard and receiving multiple nominations during the Latin Music Awards. Her song “Miracle” became a major hit in both Venezuela and the U.S. It topped the Latin charts for nearly six months.

Norka’s health deteriorated in 2014 due to the epileptic condition that began in 2007. In January 2015, Norka was lucky to survive a brain surgery. She has remained strong during this tough period, and she is on her way to full recovery. Additionally, she has announced her comeback by releasing a song called “TomorrowLand.”

The Secret behind Success in the Makeup Industry Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the founder and the CEO of Lime Crime, an internet-based make-up brand. She launched her makeup line consists of bright and bold colors of different types of lipsticks in 2008. Her passion for bright colors dates back to her childhood times when she would get creative with the paints and colors and sometimes apply her mother’s make-up. Currently, she is responsible for the product development and running the operations of the company. His husband and co-partner at Lime Crime work as the President of Lime Crime.

Doe Deere’s fans know her as The Queen of Unicorns. She refers to her fans as unicorns who she interprets as people who love the color, brave, and ready to defy all the societal expectations. Her interests in developing the brand came up when she was looking for makeup that would match up to her bright colored clothes and could find none. She, therefore, brought to the market her unique brand with the primary goal of encouraging women to express themselves through bold colors. Currently, her makeup company attracts an enormous fan following globally, and Leaping Bunny certified Lime Crime’s products as cruelty-free.

Lime Crime produced their first Unicorn Lipsticks one year after their launch. They later released the Velvetines in 2012 followed by the matte lipstick. Her business is primarily online-based which makes it easier to advertise and market. Additionally, it is easy to respond to the client’s questions, reviews, and a get feedback from them instantly. On the other hand, the disadvantage of the online business is that any information especially negative one would go viral at an alarming speed and this may have a long-term adverse effect on business.

Doe Deere attributes her success for business to the in-depth knowledge about the brand, trusting her gut feeling, and developing a positive mental attitude while dealing with clients. Deere encourages all business leaders to promote mutual respect between employees and the employer. Appreciating the employees work lead to motivation to perform even beyond expectations leading to high business growth. She also advises all businesspersons to invest in developing an operational customer care department, which would cover all the mishaps that the company may face including security breaches.

Self-Made Magazine named Doe Deere as one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs in the United States along with other leading women in business like Arianna Huffington. She draws her inspirations from anyone ranging from the top celebrities to her friends though she names Kimberley Gordon as her role model. She recommends anyone interested in business to read ‘Think Big & Kiss Ass’ by Donald Trump and ‘Brand Gap and ZAG’ by Marty Neumeier. Doe Deere long-term goal is to be a role model and inspire women across the world to start their businesses.

Follow her on Twitter @doedeere

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