Adam Milstein is a famous investor and philanthropist. He is the chairperson of Israeli-American Council (IAC) an organization that aims at bringing the Israel living in the US together and fight for their rights. He has achieved his reputation in the industry by demonstrating outstanding traits while working at Hager Pacific Properties. During his regime, the company recorded a profit of around42 billion assets. His charitable movements have made him a renowned individual in the Jewish group.


The father of philanthropic moves has touched the hearts of many through his charity work. He uses Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation to mentor and support students willing to learn Jewish culture and practices. Learners receive scholarships that enable them on advance their religious and strengthen their faith. Mr. Milstein has given many students an opportunity to master their heritage and beliefs. He is now a member of Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneur and among the top 200 because of his incredible commitment to community services.

Milstein in Brief

Adam is of Haifa origin where he was born in 1952. Currently, the investor is working in the real estate industry as a consultant. He runs the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, with his wife the organization donated more than $1million yearly to entities that advocate for freedom and rights of the Jewish people.

Milstein founded the Israeli-American council to promote the relationship between the America and Israel people. The activist fights for better terms of living of persons with Israel origin across the world. He published articles to motivate the Jewish activists and anyone willing to learn their culture.

Earlier life

The philanthropist spent his early years in KiryatMotzkin. He enrolled for defense training in 1971 in Israeli Defense Forces. He was among the warriors who fought in Yom Kippur War. In 1981, Milstein enrolled for his undergraduate program at Technion in business and economics.

When he moved to the US, he started practicing in the property field in Hager Pacific Properties as a sales representative. He joined the University of Southern California for his masters. After acquiring the necessary experience at the company, Mr. Milstein qualified to be the managing partner of the investing firm.