In a recent article, it was mentioned that the Talk Fusion Video Chat recently won the 2016 WebRTC Product Of The Year title. Web Real Time Communication platform is the newest innovation that allows for browser to browser communication using either voice calling, P2P file sharing or video chat. This innovation is unique as it does not require any third party external or internal plugins in order to function.

This prestigious award was given to Talk Fusion on the 16th of March 2016 by Technology Marketing Corporation which is the online marketing authority. The Technology Marketing Corporation CEO, Rich Tehrani said in an interview that he was honored to give the award to Talk Fusion as they had an innovative product. The judges of the prestigious award were very impressed with the groundbreaking work and innovation that was evident in the Talk Fusion Video Chat platform.

This award is not the first to be given to a company such as Talk Fusion. The Technology Marketing Corporation has been awarding companies for their advancements in the field of Web Real Time Communication for over 20 years. The Talk Fusion Video Chat update carrying the new WebRTC capability has only been on the market for a single month before the award was given. This video chat application gives the user the ability to communicate with any user across the internet on literally any device, be it smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The Video Chat application by Talk Fusion is available on the Google Play store as well as the iStore. Users simply subscribe for free and have the ability to test out the platform for 30 days. Bob Reina believes that the award was well deserved by his IT staff as they continuously work hard to improve upon the platform and the way that people communicate in this day and age. The head of IT, Dr. Jonathan Chen said that for tech to be useful it must solve actual real world needs as well as be used by all.


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