Creative brainchild Bridget Scarr is changing the face of content, illuminating the creative side. The powerhouse has filled many roles including writer, singer, songwriter, and most known as an executive producer. She has a busy life writing books, working on a television project and most importantly looking after her young son. Her rich and fulfilling life is driven by creativity and the need express herself.


Bridget Scarr is based in London in the United Kingdom. She currently is an Executive Producer at Colibri Studios. She is a seasoned executive producer for 15 years, but recently wanted a change. Instead of bring other people’s ideas to life, she can bring her own at Colibri Studios. Bridget wants to evoke her audiences emotions and intellect with her projects. The platforms she uses are augmented reality, virtual reality, exhibition projects, traditional television projects, and digital content. She also believes it is vital to surround yourself with the right people, especially when it comes to creating a project. At the current time she is passionately working on entertaining factual programming. She finds an event in history and makes it come alive by telling someone’s story who experienced that event. It can be a time staking process, but is all worth it in the end.


The successful producer is intrigued with virtual reality right now because it can used in many positive ways. She thinks that using virtual reality with education can be a particularly positive way to make learning fun for children in particular and adults. Bridget has a child of her own, a boy. She eats every meal with him and her significant other, even lunch. She also values meditation and attributes it to changing her life around. Ms. Scarr starts every day with mediation and believes it makes her more focused and energized. This helps make her day more productive and enjoyable. When she gets to the office at 9am, the most potent work gets done. Idea creation, inspiration, and meeting up with her co-producers are on the top of the list. After lunch she can relax a little bit and catches up on emails, reads a book, or watches an episode of a television show. There are other ways she finds inspiration. Being in nature makes her feel at one. Bridget also takes time out for herself so she can have time to think about life and reflect. This can include spending time with her son, connecting with him.


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