The U.S. Presidential elections have caused concern on both sides of the political spectrum in the country after non establishment candidates headed the field for their respective political parties. On the Republican side of the election Donald Trump has caused concern for human rights activist Thor Halvorssen who explained the rhetoric used by the New York real estate mogul made it impossible for him to expect his support. Halvorssen went on to explain he had decided to throw his support behind Vermont based Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination as he believed Hilary Clinton was too closely linked to strict regimes around the world.

The concerns many have about Bernie Sanders were reflected in the thoughts of Fox Business host Trish Regan, who interviewed Thor Halvorssen about the rise of socialism in the U.S. and around the world. Halvorssen explained the term Democratic Socialist used by Sanders to describe himself and his political views had linked him to a number of governments around the world who have successfully combined political ideas from different ideologies to create successful nations.

Thor Halvorssen also explained his home nation of Venezuela had operated for decades as a successful economy with left leaning parties in control who added some socialist policies to the more mainstream ideas introduced. Venezuela has only run into difficulties in the eyes of Halvorssen now leaders with more concern for personal gain have seized control using socialism as a disguise for their real aims. Other countries around the world have also used socialist policies in a successful way to create socially responsible nations, such as those found in northern Europe. To close the interview Thor Halvorssen revealed he has already made a financial donation to the campaign of Bernie Sanders as he feels he is the only candidate the film producer is comfortable voting for during the 2016 election cycle.

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