Sentient AI wants to help your customers find the products they need more intuitively and effectively than relatively simple algorithms, or recommendations based on user history. Sentient AI brings truly personalized merchandising in real time. Sentient is able to gather information on your businesses target prior to receiving any input, based purely on machine learning. By taking constant snapshots of images that the user sees and interacts with, Sentient AI is able to determine what the users style and preferences are and direct that user to the right place in your store.

In the past, when a person goes to your e-store to purchase a dress, once she has clicked the link that interests her, she is presented with a list of dresses that people “like her” have also clicked on. This may be helpful, if humans were all cut from the same cloth, but we aren’t! What Sentient AI does is analyze images that the user clicks and learns based on that input what type of dress she is really searching for. If she chooses a red dress, Sentient will present more red dresses with varying qualities. When she chooses one red dress with a short hem, Sentient is better able to “guess” at the desired dress. After many rounds of input, Sentient is better able to predict the customers’ desires and genuinely personalize their merchandise and shopping experience.

Once this relationship is established, re-marketing for every campaign is a breeze. The intuitive Sentient software already knows about your shoppers habits, likes and dislikes. E-mail campaigns can be personalized as well as automated, providing value on all marketing fronts. By gathering information from the shoppers’ perspective, Sentient AI is able to visualize what the user is seeing and take steps to provide optimal interactions that keep the consumer coming back to your store.

This method of personalized merchandising has been proven effective at increasing average order value, catalog views and conversions. It makes sense, for many reasons. A more personalized experience means that the shopper will continue to visit the store, because they feel valued. And valued they are, with Sentient remembering every interaction and building on that retail relationship. Personalized shopping is one of many luxuries that you can offer your customers using Sentient AI.