In the constantly changing and rapidly expanding, unique and fascinating world of online banking – or even in-person banking, for that matter – we now need more leaders and strategists than ever before, and that’s what the 2016 Texas Bankers’ Annual Event was all about. Last November, Texas bankers from all walks of life stated their points while listening to new tactics, life lessons and other perspectives to refresh them and help them get back out there and change the world once more – and all in the name of quality banking solutions. A distinguished event panelist was CEO John Holt, who faithfully serves Nexbank and knows the world of online banking both inside and out: He could probably talk banking terms in his sleep, if it came down to it.

Nexbank is a lender-provided banking solution that offers its best to the proud residents and citizens of Dallas and its surrounding suburbs. Nexbank has been around since 1934 and has only gotten stronger with each passing year. Its revenue amounts, services offered, partnerships engaged and even clients maintained continues to grow yet, making this one of the most stable – if not the most – Texas banking businesses all around. There’s no doubt on the issue: Nexbank and John Holt are here to stay, and that’s final.

Also, Nexbank houses rankings as one of the largest banks in all of Texas; in fact, it currently stands as the l3th largest. Its quarterly returns on equity rank among the top 33 percent in the state as well with top 100 for quarterly net incomes. Nexbank is one of the best when it comes to business or personal banking – or, heck, even both in combination. Nexbank’s current CD rates are quite high as well, so take advantage while you can.