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Great Accomplishments of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the man behind the success and growth of Tempus, a technological firm dedicated and committed to bringing a data driven and an analytical approach for cancer treatment. Presently, he serves as the company’s chief executive officer. Mr. Lefkofsky is strongly dedicated to expand the influence of the company and hone their expertise and technology with an end goal of advancing their impact. Tempus has successfully managed to revolutionize the approach that most physicians and doctors use to analyze patients within the large cancer treatment technology industry. This firm makes use of proprietary and unique methods to analyze the condition of a patient in order to offer the best possible treatment. Furthermore, Tempus uses advanced and high quality methods of data gathering, genomic sequencing and deep machine learning to equip both doctors and physicians with more knowledge and skills of how to handle different cancer patients. After analyzing the data, the firm creates detailed reports that doctors tend to use to create customized treatments for their cancer patients.

His Education and Business Endeavors

Eric Lefkofsky spent much of his early life with his family in Southfield Michigan. His father worked as a structural engineer and his mother as a school teacher. He attended Southfield-Lathrup High school and later pursued a Bachelor’s Degree from the prominent University of Michigan where he managed to graduate with highest honors. He then furthered his studies at the well-known University of Michigan Law School where he received his Juris Doctor in 1993. With help from his close relatives, Eric and his partner Brad Keywell bought Brandon Apparel Clothing, a company located in Madison, Wisconsin.

In 2001, he cofounded InnerWorkings, a group that worked with smaller firms to provide amazing services in print procurement. Following its success, Innerworkings was publicly shared in 2006. Eric Lefkofsky is also known for his contribution and involvement in Groupon, a firm he co-founded in 2007. Groupon was able to receive impressive returns in investments and was endorsed by several large corporations.


Besides his business pursuits, Eric also spends lots of his resources in charitable endeavors. With the help of his beloved wife, Elizabeth Lefkofsky, he established Lefkofsky Family Foundation, an organization dedicated to improve the lives of community members. They have worked with more than 50 firms in fields ranging from charity, education and science. He is also a board member of several organization and companies like Children’s Memorial Hospital, The Museum of Science and Industry and The Art Institute of Chicago among others.

Maintaining Your Online Presence



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A defamatory remark, or bad review, can certainly impede your chances of attracting customers to your company. People go online to research before making an informed decision about products and services they need to purchase. Companies should strive to keep a good image about their brand, and deliver on their promise.


You also need to be able to address issues as soon as they occur, to prevent damage to your reputation. Sometimes a reaction is not advisable, and sometimes a response that is too late can ruin your reputation and cost you fortune in potential customers.


Perhaps you have not had any attacks or issues with your online reputation yet, but that does not mean it will never happen to you.


Seek professional help in monitoring and dealing with reputation issues. Experts like Fix Search Results can suppress negative search results and promote your positive content. Their services can help prevent attacks and protect your company from threats that are rampant online. They will evaluate your current reputation status and work closely with you to develop the right strategy for your needs.


Fix Search Results is a highly recommended reputation management firm in the industry. The team at this company has been delivering top notch services for many years and is highly dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction of clients. Their clients come from a variety of industries and are always happy with the quality of service they have received.

The well-rounded life of Mr. David Osio

David Osio is a prominent businessman whose passion to give back to the society through a number of philanthropic activities has grown correspondingly with his success in financial markets. He has a reputation for his endless support of health research, music, art, and the community as a whole.

One of the key components of Mr. Osio’s philosophy success involves giving back. In this regard, he has worked for over twenty years in conjunction with several not-for-profit organizations globally whose support improves the people, culture and art in the societies where he conducts business.

Osio’s charitable vision involves support of art charities, notably the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO). Others include Miami’s Saludarte Foundation of Art as well as the recent art exhibition of the work of Carlos Cruz-Diez in the U.S.

Mr. Osio, the current CEO of Davos Financial Group, asserts that he finds it rewarding to see the continued joy that such iconic foundations give to the community because of his contributions. In regards to healthcare, he continues to provide financial support to the International Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. It is his hope that other fortunate people in society can borrow the same leaf and make a financial contribution to this noble cause.

As the founder and current CEO of Davos Financial Group, Mr. Osio has steered the growth of the company both in the domestic and international market. Under his stewardship, the company has significantly increased its revenues besides setting up branches in strategic cities such as Geneva, Miami, Lisbon, New York, and Panama City. In each and every one of his business territories across the globe, Mr. Osio always strives to engage in charitable causes.

Other causes that are close to his heart involve indigenous issues. For instance, his support of the Wayuu Taya Foundation, an organization that provides health, education, infrastructure, and nutritional services to native communities in Latin America. Other notable support donations have been channeled to Fundana Foundation and UMA Foundation.

Following his reputation of supporting needy communities, Mr. David Osio has been the recipient of several international honors and acknowledgments including the South Florida Business Leaders 2009, Movers and Shakers 2009 and Medal of Honor from the United States Congress just to name a few.

David Osio earned his bachelor’s degree in International Banking Law from the Catholic University Andres Bello in 1988. His career began as a legal advisor in a law firm called MGO in Caracas, offering legal counsel to corporate clients including Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation. Over time, he served in a Managerial capacity in the Private Banking Sector of Banco Latino International in Miami, and as a Deputy President of Banking Commercial until he formed Davos Financial Group in 1993.

Doe Deere And Her Love Of Lime Crime did an interview with Doe Deere. Doe Deere is a female entrepreneur that has taken the cosmetic world by storm. Doe Deere was originally born in Russia, and as a child her family and her immigrated to the United States. Doe Deere was raised in New York, and from a very young age she knew that she wanted to be able to work in fashion and color. Doe Deere mentioned that she was a very imaginative child. She really loves colors and accessories. Doe Deere would take some of her mothers accessories and her makeup, and she would wear them. Doe Deere feels honored and privileged to be able to work with make up as an adult. Doe Deere was not always good at doing makeup. She started to learn how to do makeup well when she was well into her 20s, but she had a love for make up even before that time. Doe Deere mentioned that she had her first make up party with some girlfriends when she was only nine years old.

Doe Deere came up with the name Lime Crime, because green is her favorite color. She wanted to be able to find a word that rhymed with green, so she chose lime instead of green and crime to rhyme with lime. Doe Deere had first used that name with her eBay store. She would make her own clothing line and she sold her clothing on that store. That clothing brand was named Lime Crime as well. Now Lime Crime is known as one of the world’s most popular cosmetic lines.

Doe Deere is very happy that she has an Internet-based business. The Internet gives individual immediate feedback, and that keeps Doe Deere closely connected with all of her fans and her customers and fans. Doe Deere loves to call her fans unicorns, because they are individuals much like herself. They are born different and they are proud of it. They are individuals that are brave; they love color and they go beyond everyone else’s expectation.

Brazilian businessman Duda Melzer, Presidency and life

As president of RBS GroupEduardo Sirotsky Melzer (Duda) revealed their daily motivations at work as president: “I am passionate about people, to be close to us, who works with me. I love my job, my family and I love my happiness. In return, causing others to conquer their happiness, “he said to the audience.

He pointed out that the great banner of every company should be excellence in execution. The lack of it is, indeed, what makes you lose sleep: “When we set out to do something, we have to do with efficiency and intensity so that the result is always the best. This is true for everyone, not just for companies. Melzer stressed the importance of belief in planning and real passion for the work as the key elements for success.

The RBS Group has thousands of employees and over fifty years of history. They have become one of the largest media companies in Brazil. It is, as Melzer calls, “a professional family business.” About their relationship and kinship with his uncle, Nelson Sirotsky, who received the chief executive of RBS Group, was adamant: “It is a privilege, a huge competitive advantage always have it around. “It was when I learned to value people more experienced than me.” He added: “We are not superheroes, we can not do it alone, it is the greatest mistake to think that.”

Much of the time is dedicated to the job, but Duda did not give up running daily “So I can reflect on everything in another dimension.” Married and father of three, Eduardo search make the most of periods is family. “The work ends up taking most of the time, but my family knows the importance it has. It is our life project, “he said.

Duda Melzer Takes Up His Role As The President of RBS Group

Meet Kenneth Goodgame, a Man of Many Talents

Kenneth Goodgame, current CEO of Marketing, Sales and Retail Merchandising for True Value Company, has an extensive background in retail growth strategies as well as a wide record of vibrant performance. With a degree in Marketing and Finance, from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville (1976-1980), he has advanced rapidly to become well known as one of the foremost leaders in the merchandising industry.

Retail marketing is a complicated business, which requires specific skills and experiences. This includes the product, the price, the location, and the promotion. With large and small companies, this is the basis of their success. This makes it essential to have a person in command who has the experience and the knowledge to work in all departments if success is to be achieved. Kenneth Goodgame possesses these talents which have led to an outstanding career.

His background and vast experience has shown him to have extensive skills in executive strategy, management, team leadership, sales, budgets and customer service among others. Companies he has worked with include such well-known names as:

• Home Depot

• Black and Decker

• Newell Rubbermaid

• IRWIN Power Tool Accessories & Shurline Painting Products

• Techtronic Industries

• TTI Factory Direct Outlets

• Baja Motor Sports

• Ace Hardware (Current CEO)

His all-embracing experience in executive leadership has worked well in promoting hardware manufacturing and consumer goods for various Fortune 500 retailers. He is in great demand because of his dedicated drive to assist companies to present to the public the very best in current products while working on creating new ones.

His 20 years in the industry has shown diversity in introducing new ideas for management and products using an outstanding retail launch technique. He is especially effective in organizing highly effective teams that are dedicated to producing the very best products for the public, balancing budgets, improving retail management, introducing new CPG programs and other things that make him an outstanding leader with over 20 years experience in the business.

Bob Reina And The Talk Fusion Opportunity

In a recent article, it was mentioned that the Talk Fusion Video Chat recently won the 2016 WebRTC Product Of The Year title. Web Real Time Communication platform is the newest innovation that allows for browser to browser communication using either voice calling, P2P file sharing or video chat. This innovation is unique as it does not require any third party external or internal plugins in order to function.

This prestigious award was given to Talk Fusion on the 16th of March 2016 by Technology Marketing Corporation which is the online marketing authority. The Technology Marketing Corporation CEO, Rich Tehrani said in an interview that he was honored to give the award to Talk Fusion as they had an innovative product. The judges of the prestigious award were very impressed with the groundbreaking work and innovation that was evident in the Talk Fusion Video Chat platform.

This award is not the first to be given to a company such as Talk Fusion. The Technology Marketing Corporation has been awarding companies for their advancements in the field of Web Real Time Communication for over 20 years. The Talk Fusion Video Chat update carrying the new WebRTC capability has only been on the market for a single month before the award was given. This video chat application gives the user the ability to communicate with any user across the internet on literally any device, be it smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The Video Chat application by Talk Fusion is available on the Google Play store as well as the iStore. Users simply subscribe for free and have the ability to test out the platform for 30 days. Bob Reina believes that the award was well deserved by his IT staff as they continuously work hard to improve upon the platform and the way that people communicate in this day and age. The head of IT, Dr. Jonathan Chen said that for tech to be useful it must solve actual real world needs as well as be used by all.


More News on Talk Fusion:

Dr. Avi Weisfogel: America’s Busiest Dentist, Hip Hop Star, Philanthropist, and Sleep Apnea Expert

Avi Weisfogel is one of the most famous dentists in the Northeast. He is also one of the busiest. And, no, that is not only because of his award winning dentistry at New Jersey’s Old Bridge Dental Care, for which he has been given the Best Dentist award many years in a row. Dr. Weisfogel actually has many other interests and talents that has brought him great acclaim in recent years.

For example, Dr. Weisfogel can be found on Soundcloud dropping some sick original hip-hop beats. These hip-hop songs have provided Dr. Weisfogel hours of fun, and they have gained him great support in recent years from fans of his music.

The support garnered from both his hip-hop productions and his dentistry work all help Avi Weisfogel with his philanthropic and educational ventures. One of Dr. Weisfogel’s primary concerns is raising awareness of sleep apnea through his “Healthy Heart Sleep” campaign that he launched with other sleep specialists in the area. Dr. Weisfogal has taught at many dentist conventions in recent years on a variety of sleeping issues. He is interested in finding places where dentistry intersects with sleep abnormalities. Through these lectures, Dr. Weisfogal hopes to arm all dentists with the best knowledge and tools available for helping patients who may have sleep apnea.

In addition to his work educating others on sleep apnea, Dr. Weisfogel began his own GoFund Me page to help the charity organization Operation Smile. This organization has helped thousands of children with cleft lips or other facial deformities. Professional plastic surgeons work to bring smiles to the faces of these children all around the world. Dr. Weisfogel’s current goal is to raise $2,000 for Operation Smile.

Eric Pulier: Full-Fledged Technologist and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Eric Pulier is a technologist, entrepreneur, published author, public speaker, columnist, philanthropist, and the founder of over fifteen different companies. Eric Pulier graduated from Teaneck High School in 1984 , and went to Harvard University afterwards to study in English and American Literature, Visual and Environmental Studies, and Computer Science.

During his collegiate years he was also the author of a weekly column called PulierLeg that he wrote for the Harvard Crimson Weekly, of which he also acted as an editor. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard in 1988 with a Bachelor’s Associate’s degree.

Pulier has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for business ventures he has either founded, or co-founded, some of which include Digital Evolution, Media Platform, Akana Desktone, ServiceMesh, and US Interactive. He has invested in venture capital funds and many charitable organizations, showing off his philanthropic side. Some of which include Monitor Ventures, Trident Capital, and eCompanies.

He has also recently invested in a new firm that is closely in alliance with some of the most prominent and notable names in the technology industry, some of whom are soon to be announced – a clear measure of his ambition, direction, and confidence in the future of the technology industry, and the many seed-level startup companies that exist in media and technology, of which he is an active investor. He has helped to push many of them to great financial success as well.

Eric Pulier was also chosen to build and run the “Bridge to the 21st Century”, a multi-day event which took place on the Mall in Washington D.C., for Bill Clinton and Al Gore to commemorate their 2nd inauguration. The event was huge, attracting thousands of people and hundreds of members of Congress, the Senate, and the US Supreme Court.

Pulier is also very active in philanthropy and the philanthropic community as well, and focuses particular attention on endeavors that use technology as a means to solve difficult, pressing issues in economically struggling communities and physically impaired children around the globe. He is also the active father of four children, and serves on the board of the Painted Turtle, a summer camp designed for chronically ill children in mind, and on the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

John Goullet: The Working Man’s Man

John Goullet is someone that has achieved a lot of respect and admiration at Diversant. As a member of their leadership and advisory board, he is always chock full of wonderful ideas and information. He is always thinking and that brain of his never shuts off and never turns off. Even when he isn’t at work, he is thinking of ways to make the company better and ways to improve it. That is why he such a valued commodity. At heart, the man is an entrepreneur and in addition to that, he has been in charge of many hugely successfully IT ventures. When you have success, people tend to pay attention and notice you when you walk into a room.

It all started for John Goullet when he was an IT consultant and then he went over to IT staffing in 1994. However, John has never been one to be satisfied. He is always thinking of ways to change things and shake up the IT world a little bit. He knows that playing it safe is boring and it isn’t going to get you anywhere in life. Because of this, he started Info Technologies, which is an IT staffing company, and they were put in charge of finding solutions for Fortune 500 companies. I think that speaks volumes to the level of trust that people put in the hands of John Goullet.

It only took five years, as a matter of fact, for his company to earn $30 million. Everything that John is a part of and everything that he does, it only gets better. That is what he is doing at Diversant. He knows he has certain skills and knowledge that he can pass on to the company and help the company with in their day-to-day operations. John is an open book and he is filled with wonderful stories and a brain filled with ideas that he is willing to share. He is a true trendsetter and one-of-a-kind. What is exciting about John is we don’t know what he has up his sleeve next. One thing we do know is that whatever it is, it will change the IT world.

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