Spring cleaning is a time when most people roll up their sleeves and give their home a good washing. It is important to stay organized while cleaning the house from top to bottom. This helps the individual get through each task without feeling overwhelmed. The best way to stay organized is to create a spring cleaning checklist.

It is recommended to organize the checklist by room. This allows the individual to just clean one room at a time. Here is an example of what could be included on a spring cleaning checklist. The living room section may include vacuuming the couch, dusting the shelves and furniture and washing the windows. A checklist for the kitchen may include cleaning the appliances, wiping down the counters and throwing out expired food.

There are situations that make spring cleaning a hard job for anyone to do alone, whether they are recovering from an injury or trying to balance work and family life. Those who need help with spring cleaning can hire a professional through Handy. Handy is a service that allows users to book a professional cleaner, handyman, plumber or electrician. Every professional is hardworking, experienced, background-checked and insured. Handy offers next-day availability and a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Handy allows clients to hire a cleaner through the official website or application. It is recommended that clients download the app so they can schedule and manage the appointment on their mobile device. The process starts by selecting the date and time of the cleaning session. It can be as early as the next day or several weeks later. Clients also have the option to select the rooms that need to be cleaned. Handy contacts the client to confirm the appointment and take care of the electronic payment. All the client has to do now is prepare their home for the appointment. A fully-equipped professional shows up on time and ready to clean.

Spring cleaning is a time to make the home sparkle and shine, and a checklist is a great way to stay organized while tackling this large task. Clients who need help with their spring cleaning can hire a trusted professional through Handy.

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