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The Online Reputation Management Firm of the Future

Since its founding, Status Labs has become one of the leading online reputation management firms. The firm creates top of the line solutions that help solve the unique problems of a client. Though the firm’s headquarters are located in Austin, Texas, the company has offices in New York City, New York and São Paulo, Brazil, and manages over a thousand clients spread across 40 countries.

Status Labs’ excellent digital marketing and PR Strategy hasn’t gone unnoticed. The firm has been profile in famous publications like the New York Times, New York Post, and US News & World Report.

Status Labs was recognized by the Austin Business Journal (ABJ) in 2015 as one of the city’s fastest growing companies in their annual Fast 50 list. Which is not an easy feat, considering how competitive the tech and business scene is in Austin, Texas. Status Labs was awarded by ABJ because of their 1,099 percent growth between 2012 and 2015 as an elite public relations and digital reputation management firm.

Status Labs has also been recognized by Inc. 500 in 2016. The online reputation management firm made the cut of the Inc. 500 List of fastest growing companies.

President and CEO of Status Labs, Darius Fisher considers the company receiving accolades for its efforts a true honor. According to Fisher, the Status Labs team and staff members takes the recognition as confirmation that the company is moving in the right direction. Fisher has also been the recipient of praise and awards. PR Week awarded Fisher with its Innovation 50 award in 2015.

Status Labs intends to keep expanding its reach until it becomes a nationwide entity. Darius Fisher is more than certain that the firm will receive more accolades and continue to be a strong force within the online reputation management industry through the diligent work of its employees.

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The Dangerous of the Internet

With the increase in technology over the past decade, it has become vital that someone prowls the internet for a crisis. This is exactly what
Darius Fisher and his team do. Fisher is the president of status labs which focuses primarily on the protection of those who use the internet. The internet is a very daring place, people are always putting confidential information on the web, and it is easy for a hacker to steal that information in seconds. Fisher believes information, even like your phone number should not be posted on the web, and just thinking about people putting their credit card numbers online makes Fisher cringe.

Fisher offers important tips about online safety when it comes to personal information. One of the main tips is to change your privacy settings on social media. People are not aware of how much outsiders can see when they look at their social media profile, it is important to make sure as much information as possible is private. Another interesting tip is to google yourself and see how much of your real information pops up. Obviously, you do not want much to pop up, and if you see a lot of your information you need to work on getting it removed because everyone can see it, even identity thieves. It is also extremely important to always be careful of what you post online. Employers can see all your information on your social media if it is not private. So that embarrassing picture from New Years Eve, yes your employer can see it! So always think before you post, it will save you from a lot of trouble in the future.



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