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George Soros and His Bearish Outlook on the Global Market Right Now

When the legendary philanthropist, hedge fund founder, and investor George Soros makes big moves, people pay attention. This is rightfully so, as George Soros is worth billions and seems to have great timing with global markets and the investments he makes. So why is he returning from a long hiatus to start investing personally again? Why did his Soros Fund Management LLC sell numerous stocks and pick up gold and miner shares.

The answer, according to sources close to George Soros, is that he is anticipating a weakness in many of the world’s economic markets. After all, he has been relatively quiet and behind the scenes, other than reportedly staying active with his charitable work and political contributions to Hillary Clinton’s super PAC.

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George Soros – CNBC

According to senior sources close to the billionaire, he has been seen in the office more than ever lately. He is making trades and deals himself, which he hasn’t done in a long time. There could be a number of reasons for this. Perhaps he is concerned about the loss of his top investor Scott Besent. Or, as he is known for saying, China’s economy is weak. This could mean he is trying to make big moves to counteract China’s lack of political (and thus market) transparency.

After all, he believes that China’s market weakness will affect many other markets around the world. It could bring wages down and prices down. It’s not just China that is shaking things up: Brexit and the refugee crisis are bending the walls of the EU, which could result in another economic downturn.

It may impossible to say exactly what Soros is thinking, but his companies are up overall this year, according to sources. Perhaps he is seeing something similar to 2007, when he was concerned about the housing market. He made a series of bets over two years that netted him a $1 billion.

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The Successful Career Of Brad Reifler

In today’s financial field, there are many investors and professionals. These individuals are vocal on how they can solve people’s financial problems. Clients should be aware that not all people that hold themselves out as professionals are able to provide them with sound advice to their problems. There is the need to engage the services of the most qualified individual based on his or her financial history.

Wikipedia highlights that Brad Reifler, a financial expert in New York, is one of the renowned names in the business. Brad is the CEO of Forefront Capital Markets Management, which he formed in 2009. The company is headquartered in 7 Times Square, New York. In past, Brad served various companies in the United States. Currently, he serves as a Trustee of the Millbrook School, Genesis securities, European Investment Bank and Foresight research solutions.

Brad is a graduate of the Bowdoin College where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science. Immediately after his graduation, Brad established the Reifler Trading Corporation. This company focused on financial research. Later, Brad sold the corporation after registering impressive success with the same. Brad is the founder of Pali Capital. He played a significant role in the growth of the company. Brad enhanced the company’s revenue to $ 200 million. He initiated the Forefront Income Trust in order to help different middle-income individuals invest in various sources of income.

Brad Reifler has worked with affiliate businesses such as Roots Markets, Symmetry Property Development, CIFCO Company and Sino Mercury Acquisition Company. He attributes his determination, hard work and experience to satisfying client’s needs.

Over the years, Brad has been asserting that everybody can make gains from investing in a given project. He has made numerous public appearances discussing ways through which middle and lower-income individuals can invest into the unforeseen future. Companies such as Yahoo Finance, Reuters and Market Wired have picked up his investment opinions and ideas. Brad is still outspoken on how to help people find new ways of planning for their future and securing their financial freedom.

Presently, Brad is the CEO of Forefront Advisory. The company specializes in the provision of expert advice to forex and commodity traders. It is crucial to note that commodity markets are usually volatile. Foreign exchange markets are unpredictable. It is for this reason that Brad’s 30 years of experience comes into play. Brad provides individuals with informed decisions concerning investments. Through Forefront income Trust, many people have been able to invest in different Income generating projects. The Trust has saved many people from poverty.

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