According to The Guardian and Business Insider, Billy McFarland, a twenty-three-year-old entrepreneurial genius, has just created an amazing discount in Social Network program that’s extremely beneficial for businesses and consumers alike. The discount program, named Magnises, provides members with a metal card that can be used just like a credit card at certain locations.

The card is connected to a members personal bank account, and when used at a location such as a bar or a restaurant will give a heavily discounted price to the overall cost before money is taken out of the bank account on file.

This is great news for normal consumers, as well them to enjoy activities and events that are usually very expensive at a discounted rate.

That being said this is an amazing idea for businesses to take advantage of, especially since business meetings are usually at these locations will be very cost-effective for them to perform these actions when using the membership card.

The potential is very high for corporations, as single business meetings often cost hundreds of dollars to complete without any guarantee that they will have positive results.

Now, through the Magnises program, the same amount of money spent on a single meeting can potentially be used for multiple meetings instead.

Potential to save a lot of money is an eye-opening experience for new business owners, and the money saved on discounted prices using this program can be used towards potential company growth.

Not only are salespeople and business owners now able to build up networsk and create personal connections with different business owners, they can do so for a much lower amount of money.

Domestically this is an amazing idea, and one that I’m sure Billy has considered already. Internationally there’s a lot of promise for this program as well, and even though it’s only currently found within the United States there’s always potential for it to move to other platforms across the world.

This discount program should not be ignored by anyone, and it is highly recommended that people take a look at it and take advantage of it.