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Norka Luque is Bringing a New Taste to the Global Music Scene

Most musicians aim at establishing a large fan base across the globe. Their dreams are to perform at globally recognized festivals, scoop prestigious awards, make a lot of money and live a celebrity life. However, Norka Luque measures her success based on the number of people she has motivated and empowered to pursue their dreams. She leverages her music to spread a message full of unwavering inspiration to her fans worldwide. Most of her songs have earned high-profile nominations and topped Billboard charts.

Musical career highlights

Norka’s burst onto the global musical scene was not a walk in the park. It happened due to a perfect blend of determination, zeal, regular practice, and hard work. As a little girl, Norka loved singing, and most people liked her gorgeous voice. Her parents accorded her the necessary support, and even proceeded to pay for her musical training classes. She was lucky to attend a high school that focused on creating a perfect balance between education and talents. Norka displayed her prowess in singing during several competitions and received numerous awards as a solo performer.

Even after joining a France-based college, Norka remained in touch with music. She joined a popular band that used to perform at various leading clubs in the city. She received her undergrad in business administration and ventured into the Monaco banking industry. After a brief stint in the banking sector of Monaco, Norka decided to leave her well-paying job, and pursue her vision of becoming a musician. She relocated to the United States with a mission of making a real difference in the world using her singing abilities and establishing a flourishing career.

The rising star

Norka announced her entry into the global music scene by releasing a couple of songs under producer Jose Velasquez. However, her real breakthrough happened when the seasoned producer, Emilio Estefan JR., agreed to produce her first album. Norka’s first album turned to be a big success with three singles topping the Latin Billboard and receiving multiple nominations during the Latin Music Awards. Her song “Miracle” became a major hit in both Venezuela and the U.S. It topped the Latin charts for nearly six months.

Norka’s health deteriorated in 2014 due to the epileptic condition that began in 2007. In January 2015, Norka was lucky to survive a brain surgery. She has remained strong during this tough period, and she is on her way to full recovery. Additionally, she has announced her comeback by releasing a song called “TomorrowLand.”

Doug Levitt Gets In Touch With American’s On The Greyhound Diaries

Former reporter for ABC and NBC and singer/songwriter Doug Levitt is getting in touch with the average American in his new series “The Greyhound Diaries”. Modeled after the WPA initiatives from the 1930’s where the government sponsored efforts to provide a fuller portrait of the country while it suffered through one of its toughest times, Levitt is doing much the same as he climbs aboard one Greyhound after another and spends time getting to know the different passengers.

In this day and age we all know that no one wants to ride a Greyhound bus, but for some people, there isn’t an option. Those are the struggling Americans, the one’s still unable to recover financially from the 2008 recession spurred by the mortgage crisis, and they all have a story to tell Levitt.

Stepping aboard a bus is akin to entering another world. You are in close quarters with other people for a lengthy period of time, but it almost becomes a depoliticized environment. On the bus it’s less about what makes everyone different, but more about what makes the passengers the same. Doug Levitt has a gentle nature and calls himself a broke artist who’s simply traveling around the country to find his own path, and this background brings him closer to other travelers.

Levitt is unsure where he is going, after growing up the son of a D.C. Republican Council member he went on to become a reporter for big news channels that even included a one-time gig with CNN. Aside from writing his songs, all based on his travels along the way, Levitt wasn’t sure where he was going or what he wanted to do. As he traveled and met people, he has had a unique opportunity to find himself as well. Along with his show, “The Greyhound Diaries“, he is also giving concerts.

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