Norka Luque is Bringing a New Taste to the Global Music Scene

Most musicians aim at establishing a large fan base across the globe. Their dreams are to perform at globally recognized festivals, scoop prestigious awards, make a lot of money and live a celebrity life. However, Norka Luque measures her success based on the number of people she has motivated and empowered to pursue their dreams. She leverages her music to spread a message full of unwavering inspiration to her fans worldwide. Most of her songs have earned high-profile nominations and topped Billboard charts.

Musical career highlights

Norka’s burst onto the global musical scene was not a walk in the park. It happened due to a perfect blend of determination, zeal, regular practice, and hard work. As a little girl, Norka loved singing, and most people liked her gorgeous voice. Her parents accorded her the necessary support, and even proceeded to pay for her musical training classes. She was lucky to attend a high school that focused on creating a perfect balance between education and talents. Norka displayed her prowess in singing during several competitions and received numerous awards as a solo performer.

Even after joining a France-based college, Norka remained in touch with music. She joined a popular band that used to perform at various leading clubs in the city. She received her undergrad in business administration and ventured into the Monaco banking industry. After a brief stint in the banking sector of Monaco, Norka decided to leave her well-paying job, and pursue her vision of becoming a musician. She relocated to the United States with a mission of making a real difference in the world using her singing abilities and establishing a flourishing career.

The rising star

Norka announced her entry into the global music scene by releasing a couple of songs under producer Jose Velasquez. However, her real breakthrough happened when the seasoned producer, Emilio Estefan JR., agreed to produce her first album. Norka’s first album turned to be a big success with three singles topping the Latin Billboard and receiving multiple nominations during the Latin Music Awards. Her song “Miracle” became a major hit in both Venezuela and the U.S. It topped the Latin charts for nearly six months.

Norka’s health deteriorated in 2014 due to the epileptic condition that began in 2007. In January 2015, Norka was lucky to survive a brain surgery. She has remained strong during this tough period, and she is on her way to full recovery. Additionally, she has announced her comeback by releasing a song called “TomorrowLand.”

The Life of Norka Luque

Norka Luque was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She, however, is now based in the US where she is pursuing her music career. This Venezuelan beauty started her singing at a very early age. At the age of 8, she was already producing her music. During her childhood she participated in many music competitions where she would always win the awards.

After completing her high school studies in Venezuela, she moved to France to pursue higher education. She graduated with various degrees in International business, Fashion, Culinary Arts and marketing. However, even as she studied in France, she never forgot her true passion. She joined Band Mooning Rising, a funk and rock band. Through this band, she got many opportunities by attending various gigs. Also, this served as a learning experience for the soloist route that she is now taking.

On completing her studies in France, Norka Luque traveled to the US, where she wanted to grow her music career. This is where he met Emilio Estefani Jr., who is now her producer. When she first met Emilio Estefani, she acted as any other upcoming musician would. She did not hesitate to ask for a chance to sing and demonstrate what she does best. Estefani was kind enough to give her the chance.

Estefani invited her to his Crescent moon studio. He listened to her sing and decided that she had a lot of potential and with a little polishing up, she would definitely be a star. Since then, this renowned producer took her in and has been producing her to date.

Luque talks of her journey. She says that she was blessed to be raised in a background that presented her with a lot of opportunities for her to grow musically. However, she says that the journey has not been without its challenges. In the year 2007, the artist had to deal with weight issues. She was overweight and this was affecting both her personal and career life. However, she got a personal trainer, one of the best in the industry, in fact, the personal trainer to Shakira. Since then, her weight has improved. And, although she is not petite, she is in a really great shape.

Norka has been nominated for various awards. She was once nominated in the Premios Lo Nuestro in the Female Pop Artist of the Year category.

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