A major controversy is unraveling through the news in San Francisco. The former leader of the police union, Gary Delagnes, has directed serious accusations against George Gascón, the city’s district attorney. SFGate has reported the story, and the story should raise more than a few eyebrows.


It is alleged that Gascón made “racially disparaging remarks” once while out on the town with leaders from the union. Delagnes has submitted a sworn declaration regarding these allegations levied against Gascón.


The police department has been rocked by revelations of racial discrimination and homophobia. Gascón was very hard on the police department when these things came to light. Gascón has suggested that police department and its personnel would be utterly ineffectual as a source of fixing its various problems. Criticism was also levied at the lack of diversity within the police department.


Now, Gascón is facing criticism and allegations of a similar nature. All of this has likely caused a lot of public disapproval with the police department and city hall.


According to KTVU News, Delagnes states that Gascón was inebriated at a dinner and became unruly and made negative statements directed towards minorities. Reportedly, Gascón was very load and unruly and an African-American person took great offense and asked Gascón to cease his behavior.


No matter how the current controversy with the police department and district attorney’s office plays out, public confidence in various city officials is sure to suffer. Weak confidence in such figures could have a very negative effect in the city since there has to be a harmonious relationship between public officials and citizens.

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