Makari de Suisse is a skincare company that specifically caters to men and women of color. They are the leader in skin lightening creams and products that assist with evening out skin tone.

Makari de Suisse conducted research and development with scientists in Switzerland. The results were the creation of revolutionary products such as their Exclusive Lightening Exfoliating Soap and Makari 24K Gold Lightening Serum. Several of their products contain naturally based substances such as vegeclairine, an exclusive blend of botanical lightening agents, and organiclarine which gradually diminishes hyper pigmentation without irritating the skin.

With hydration and nourishment being another primary concern for men and women of color, Makari de Suisse continues their innovative ingredient journey via their luxury line which combines carrot oil, argan oil and caviar. Products such as their Extreme Carrot and Argan Lotion dramatically moisturize the skin.

Makari de Suisse has been featured in several publications worldwide. Some products can be found at your local beauty store or doctor’s office. All products are available for purchase internationally via the website.