ClassDojo has done a lot to help create a positive culture in classrooms and schools. Now, the brilliant educational tech startup is becoming wildly popular among parents and teachers. Look for the company and its namesake app to enjoy a lot of growth thanks to much well-deserved popularity and publicity.

ClassDojo is a tremendous app that fuses social media and the classroom environment. Teachers take the steps of simply uploading photos and videos displaying the young ones’ school work. Parents can check out that school work by downloading the app. The Apple Store and Google Play are the sources for the app.

Business Insider is reporting the app is “going viral” among parents and teachers. This is absolutely a great thing for everyone. A greater sense of community can be built between parents, teachers, and children. The potential for children to learn increases immensely since parents become much more fully aware of the classroom work. As a result, the parents are better able to help children with homework and assignments. Children not only learn quicker, they end up learning more. The short-term and long-term benefits of increased learning are both incredibly valuable.

ClassDojo is sure to be around a long time. The company has raised $21 million to help expand the companies capabilities to expand its technological capabilities. This means more advanced apps with more features. As Tech Crunch suggests, communication throughout the school year can remain consistent and thorough. Once again, this will supremely support a positive learning environment for the children enrolled in the classroom.

ClassDojo makes it clear the app is available for free to teachers. The management of ClassDojo made a wise move with this decision as the app has greatly expanded into a number of schools. Per the company, the app and its social network are available in “two in three U.S. schools”.

Per Business Insider, the app is used in schools in about 180 countries. About 500,000 of the apps are downloaded every day. Yes, the app is absolutely going viral. The days of being limited to infrequent meetings between parents and teachers are coming to an end. ClassDojo is creating an interactive community that brings parents into the classroom all throughout the school year.


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