Technology is having an incredible impact on the world of business. Every company needs technology to keep things going. Restaurants need computers to operate their Point of Sale systems while day traders need numerous computers to track the stock market. Every company needs technology, but when technology breaks down they often do not know who to turn to. Every business needs a good IT company on their side to protect their company and keep things rolling.

Diversant is one of the leading IT staffing companies on the market today. Diversant offers a truly unique approach to IT staffing and solutions. They believe in getting to know each client personally, and then offering IT solutions based on their needs. They personally meet with each client and then form their solution based on the client’s business. Diversant approaches each client with integrity and will work constantly to ensure their client is satisfied.

Diversant is an extremely important company in the IT staffing and solutions field, but they could not get to that point without the help of their leadership team. This leadership team has helped the company to reach new heights, and John Goullet is one of the great members of the leadership board.

John is an extremely successful entrepreneur and has worked in the IT sector for many years. John led Info Technologies, a successful IT staffing and solutions firm, for many years. During that time, he made Info Technologies an extremely successful company. The company was nationally recognized by Inc Magazine. In 2010, John helped form Diversant LLC through a merger between his company and Diversant. The move made a huge difference in John’s career because now he could focus on forming new and exciting ways to meet the challenges of the IT marketplace. He knows this marketplace is constantly changing, and he loves adapting to the constantly changing landscape. John hopes to serve on the board for years to come.

Diversant is a great IT staffing and solutions company, and they have incredible leadership. Goullet is proud to serve on the Diversant board, and he hopes to serve on this board for years to come.

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