The makeup industry may be used mostly by women, but it was founded mostly by men. Take for instance Revlon, it was founded by Charles Revson. Then there is Max Factor, it was founded by Mac Factor. So, when Doe Deere wanted to create a makeup company founded by a woman, imagine the opposition she found. Don’t think for one minute that the opposition held her back.

When the idea to start a company came to the forefront, Deere found that the colors were nothing that she could wear. She hates black, brown, tan, and grays. Back in 2006-07, most of the color choices offered were more natural hues. She prefers pastel colors of pink, purple, orange, green, and blue. Glitter makeup was something that came out around Halloween, but you could not find it year around. Perplexed by the lack of choices, Deere, and her husband began mixing their own cosmetics.

She loved her design abilities and people would comment on her unique look. When she realized she had a following among the young crowd, she knew it was time to market her finds. Her first marketplace was on eBay. Through their store fronts, she created a site and sold her products. Soon, she couldn’t keep up with production and she found herself running herself ragged. She knew that her product was a winner, and she needed to go big.

She launched Lime Crime to the online community in the beginning of 2008. She has a couple of storefront locations that have come with time, but the majority of her base is with the online community. She is able to keep her overhead costs low by handling her business this way. She has her corporate offices near her home in Los Angeles. She has a few dedicated employees, most of who are family members.

Deere came to this country from Russia as a teenager. She wanted to be in the music industry. While she did start out in a band, she found herself in the fashion world. Her landing spot after coming over to this country was Manhattan, which is a great place to learn about fashion. She went to college and had fashion design in her forecast. But it was the makeup world that kept calling her. At a slumber party, she decided to do everyone’s makeup for them. Of course, true to Deere’s fashion, it was loud, and she was proud. It was that night that changed the course of her life forever.

Her biggest fans are the tween age group, those between 13-17. Deere doesn’t care who uses her products, as long as she has a steady market. She has introduced many new products to go along with her eyeshadows and lipsticks. Though the makeup industry has come a great deal over the years, she still has a clientele that appreciates her flair for the dramatic.

For a woman who travels with pixie dust sprinkled in her hair of pink or purple, she certainly makes a statement. Don’t mistake her appearance and childlike manner as weakness, Deere is one strong business woman.

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