Securus Technologies has been at the forefront when it comes to sustained public safety in correctional facilities. Founded in 1986, the Dallas based company has a workforce of more than 1000 personnel, well equipped with modern technological knowledge and skills to foster public safety in an effective manner.


The company also has several regional offices, fully designed to foster change and offer justice efficiently. Securus has incorporated high end technology to ensure safety in public spaces. Of key beneficiaries are correctional facilities that are mandated with instigating positive change among the inmates.


We offer technological head way to civil and criminal misconducts in facilities to ensure safety. In addition, we are able to conduct successful investigations through the use of our technology and ensure proper monitoring and correction is done. This is made possible by the state of the art products and services that we develop on regular basis as explained by the CEO, Richard A. Smith.


Our innovative work enables the law enforcers and officials working in correction facilities to not only prevent wrong doings but also to unravel various crimes taking place as soon as possible. To keep us at the head of the game, Securus Technologies encourages and accepts comments from the officials and personalities using the services.


The feedback is received through emails and letters in large numbers, detailing the effect and impact of the products and technological services in use. The feedback also details possible ways in which improvements can be done. With safety as a key component of our work, we strive to ensure measurable and positive outcome not only to the inmates, but also to their families and parolees.


This therefore calls for a lot of dedication and investment. In 2016, we had put approximately $600 million to developing the technology in use, securing of patents and ensuring guided acquisitions are done.