Eric Pulier is a technologist, entrepreneur, published author, public speaker, columnist, philanthropist, and the founder of over fifteen different companies. Eric Pulier graduated from Teaneck High School in 1984 , and went to Harvard University afterwards to study in English and American Literature, Visual and Environmental Studies, and Computer Science.

During his collegiate years he was also the author of a weekly column called PulierLeg that he wrote for the Harvard Crimson Weekly, of which he also acted as an editor. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard in 1988 with a Bachelor’s Associate’s degree.

Pulier has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for business ventures he has either founded, or co-founded, some of which include Digital Evolution, Media Platform, Akana Desktone, ServiceMesh, and US Interactive. He has invested in venture capital funds and many charitable organizations, showing off his philanthropic side. Some of which include Monitor Ventures, Trident Capital, and eCompanies.

He has also recently invested in a new firm that is closely in alliance with some of the most prominent and notable names in the technology industry, some of whom are soon to be announced – a clear measure of his ambition, direction, and confidence in the future of the technology industry, and the many seed-level startup companies that exist in media and technology, of which he is an active investor. He has helped to push many of them to great financial success as well.

Eric Pulier was also chosen to build and run the “Bridge to the 21st Century”, a multi-day event which took place on the Mall in Washington D.C., for Bill Clinton and Al Gore to commemorate their 2nd inauguration. The event was huge, attracting thousands of people and hundreds of members of Congress, the Senate, and the US Supreme Court.

Pulier is also very active in philanthropy and the philanthropic community as well, and focuses particular attention on endeavors that use technology as a means to solve difficult, pressing issues in economically struggling communities and physically impaired children around the globe. He is also the active father of four children, and serves on the board of the Painted Turtle, a summer camp designed for chronically ill children in mind, and on the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation. He lives in Los Angeles, California.