When a patient shows up at a doctor’s office and they are looking for some kind of help, that doctor has to figure out how they will treat the patient and just how much of their time they are willing to give to that individual. It is helpful to a patient when the doctor actually cares about them. Imran Haque is someone who cares about his patients and their needs. When he was asked about his job and what it is about that job that makes him happy, Imran Haque shared that he likes nothing better than to see his patients happy and healthy. He likes to heal his patients, but he also likes to teach them how to take care of their health and how to live their lives in a better way. He shared that he likes to give his patients tools and skills that will help them out.

When Imran Haque was asked about a long-term goal that he has in regard to his work, he shared that he would like to stay kind and compassionate. He wants his patients to feel comfortable with him, and he would like to be the kind of doctor who is known for treating his patients well. He does not want to be an aloof doctor as many are, but he would like to be someone who makes his patients feel comfortable.

Imran Haque is a doctor who focuses on internal medicine. He works for Horizon Internal Medicine in North Carolina. When he was asked about advice he has for others who would like to have careers similar to his own, he shared that it is important for a doctor to think of their patients as people. He believes that it is important for a doctor to look at their patients and see who they really are, not just the health issues that they are facing and more