John Goullet is someone that has achieved a lot of respect and admiration at Diversant. As a member of their leadership and advisory board, he is always chock full of wonderful ideas and information. He is always thinking and that brain of his never shuts off and never turns off. Even when he isn’t at work, he is thinking of ways to make the company better and ways to improve it. That is why he such a valued commodity. At heart, the man is an entrepreneur and in addition to that, he has been in charge of many hugely successfully IT ventures. When you have success, people tend to pay attention and notice you when you walk into a room.

It all started for John Goullet when he was an IT consultant and then he went over to IT staffing in 1994. However, John has never been one to be satisfied. He is always thinking of ways to change things and shake up the IT world a little bit. He knows that playing it safe is boring and it isn’t going to get you anywhere in life. Because of this, he started Info Technologies, which is an IT staffing company, and they were put in charge of finding solutions for Fortune 500 companies. I think that speaks volumes to the level of trust that people put in the hands of John Goullet.

It only took five years, as a matter of fact, for his company to earn $30 million. Everything that John is a part of and everything that he does, it only gets better. That is what he is doing at Diversant. He knows he has certain skills and knowledge that he can pass on to the company and help the company with in their day-to-day operations. John is an open book and he is filled with wonderful stories and a brain filled with ideas that he is willing to share. He is a true trendsetter and one-of-a-kind. What is exciting about John is we don’t know what he has up his sleeve next. One thing we do know is that whatever it is, it will change the IT world.