Josh Smith is the co-founder and the CEO of Modular Greenhouses. Working out of Reno, Nevada, Smith is always trying new things. He is someone who is always coming up with fresh ideas. The mission of Modular Greenhouses is to be a leader when it comes to gardening programs that work with schools across the country. Josh Smith works in Reno, Nevada to make sure that Modular Greenhouses is always up to something new.
Josh Smith of Reno, Nevada is someone who always stays busy because he is always inspired to do something new. He believes that a person will be productive as long as they have a passion for the work that they are completing. When he has projects before him that are inspiring to him and that allow him to be creative as he completes them, then he will work on those projects and do his best to get them done well. He is someone who is always up for a project as long as that project is focused on something that means something to him. One of Josh Smith’s more ambitious goals is to get a¬†greenhouse in every school in Washoe County. This is a big goal, and it is one that this man takes seriously.

There are some people who are constantly busy and who do not have enough time to focus on all of their hobbies, work, and interests. Josh Smith is someone who stays busy with his work. He does not have enough time each day to accomplish all that he would like to accomplish. He works on multiple projects all at once, trying to accomplish each one in the way that is best. He is someone who has much work to get done, and he is always striving to do that work in the best way possible.

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