Recent research has shown that a whopping 600,000 people living in the United States die each and every year from diseases related to the heart with the number expected to rise in the coming years if some measures are not put in place. More studies reveal that 25% of the deaths in the United States for both men and women are in kind connected to some cardiovascular disease. This actually makes heart disease the number one killer in the country. The silver lining, however, is that according to recent studies, more than a fifth of all of the deaths in the country can be prevented just by making lifestyle and dietary changes. This process begins by subjecting oneself to various preventive screening tests which can detect these problems early enough before they start causing problems and thus encouraging the individual to make positive lifestyle adjustments in a deliberate and conscious effort of living a long healthy life.

Heart disease is widely referred to as a silent killer because a lot of people with the disease do not realize it until the symptoms are so apparent and much damage has already been done. The unfortunate bit is that most of the first heart attacks are fatal thus most patients are never given a second chance to make the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes to control situation. Even further studies conducted regarding this matter have found that individuals who subject themselves to these types of preventive screening tests are more willing to make profound adjustments in their overall lifestyle choices once they find out that they are at a higher risk of developing heart complications. The researchers go even further to say that the preventive screening tests act as some form of motivating factor to make significant lifestyle and dietary changes to live a better, longer and healthier life hence even more reason to visit companies like Lifeline Screening to get your test today.

A note about Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening was founded in 1993 in the state of Texas, with the main objective of being the leading advanced cardiovascular health screening provider both in the United States and all across the world targeting all of those individuals who really care about their wellbeing and want to find out their state of cardiovascular health. Lifeline Screening has made deliberate and conscious efforts to make the whole process of preventative health screening easy, fast, and affordable.

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