Kenneth Goodgame, current CEO of Marketing, Sales and Retail Merchandising for True Value Company, has an extensive background in retail growth strategies as well as a wide record of vibrant performance. With a degree in Marketing and Finance, from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville (1976-1980), he has advanced rapidly to become well known as one of the foremost leaders in the merchandising industry.

Retail marketing is a complicated business, which requires specific skills and experiences. This includes the product, the price, the location, and the promotion. With large and small companies, this is the basis of their success. This makes it essential to have a person in command who has the experience and the knowledge to work in all departments if success is to be achieved. Kenneth Goodgame possesses these talents which have led to an outstanding career.

His background and vast experience has shown him to have extensive skills in executive strategy, management, team leadership, sales, budgets and customer service among others. Companies he has worked with include such well-known names as:

• Home Depot

• Black and Decker

• Newell Rubbermaid

• IRWIN Power Tool Accessories & Shurline Painting Products

• Techtronic Industries

• TTI Factory Direct Outlets

• Baja Motor Sports

• Ace Hardware (Current CEO)

His all-embracing experience in executive leadership has worked well in promoting hardware manufacturing and consumer goods for various Fortune 500 retailers. He is in great demand because of his dedicated drive to assist companies to present to the public the very best in current products while working on creating new ones.

His 20 years in the industry has shown diversity in introducing new ideas for management and products using an outstanding retail launch technique. He is especially effective in organizing highly effective teams that are dedicated to producing the very best products for the public, balancing budgets, improving retail management, introducing new CPG programs and other things that make him an outstanding leader with over 20 years experience in the business.