It is a century whereby facts in the medicine and science industry more specifically in the oncology field can be so challenging to find. It even becomes more difficult if a person is not in facilities such as resource centers, universities, colleges and medical centers that have payments to the journals or other newsletters on oncology. One should always pay attention and have the developments and findings in a number of fields. However, one can also easily find another way of getting current information. Some of the techniques in getting this information is by getting a free online resource place that has the current information on the specific subject at hand and paying for the channel.

Different institutions and certain people have come up with the cautious decisions to attempt in lessening the problem of oncology. A good example of these institutions is Oncotarget. It is actually a weekly medical journal that is viewed by peers and has no restrictions. Oncotarget was found in 2010. Its publication includes effective journals that have enough information that includes oncology. The editors-in-chief of Oncotarget are Andrei V. Gudkov (Roswell Park Cancer Institute) and Mikhail Blagosklonny. Mikhail Blagosklonny undertakes research on aging and cancer and was formerly the professor at the Roswell Park Cancer Insititute situated in New York.

Oncotarget not only handles the field of oncology but other fields that deal with science and medicine. These subjects include Neuroscience, the procedure of aging, Endocrinology, Microbiology, Metabolism, pharmacology, Immunology System, Cell Biology and Cardiology and many more. It has become well-known when it comes to the science and medicine professionals; it is the best place to visit when one requires the current, detailed information on the medicine and science fields. Oncotarget has done great work and as a result, received various awards and this has motivated Oncotarget to continue being more inventive in distributing news on oncology. Nevertheless, in 2015 and 2016 it made a name for itself by having an effect factor 5.008. furthermore, it has had good ratings due to its focus on oncology and this has made it keep its top position other than periodicals that are paid for.