The OSI Food Group provides a nutritious meal to millions of families around the world. More importantly, they adhere to the strict rules set forth by government mandate. Their goal is to stay committed to nutritious meal plan and was one of the first of their kind to answer to a stabilized food industry. The put the needs of your families and customers first with a complete diet void of harsh by products and ingredients. If you’re interested in knowing what’s in your food or where it’s from, the OSI Food Group offers these details directly on their website.

Who Is The OSI Food Group

OSI is headed by CEO, Sheldon Lavin and president, David A. McDonald. Together, they have worked with other key executives on an international expansion project. The OSI Food Group has assets worth more than $2.4 billion dollars. They’re proudly based in Zurich, Illinois and have 24,000+ professional and skilled food processing employees worldwide. Their recently accomplishments include celebrating a 20 year partnership with China. They’ve also had major success with their United States and Asian market and would like many of their partnerships to mimic success.

OSI Food Group Expansion

Europe has a thriving business cultural and the OSI Food Group is a part of this growing business culture. They acquired one of the largest food processing plants in Europe worth an estimated $7.4 millions dollars. OSI will operate their processing plant responsible for food condiments, frozen poultry, and much more. Europe reported to one international business magazine their positive business growth since partnering with the OSI Food Group. They will also expand their all natural food products to an international food network including India.

Are you interested in a great career opportunity? The OSI Food Group offers many unique professional and skilled labor opportunities around the world. You can learn more about their employment opportunities directly on your website. You can find a great way to live a great life in many different professions around the world. Their interactive website offers career opportunities, details on their efforts to expand, strong leadership team, food contents, and origins. They’re committed to putting a great meal on millions of tables around the world. Eat right with a superior diet from the OSI Food Group today.

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