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Personal Service makes All The Difference For Goettl Air Conditioning

The Goettl Air Conditioning brand may be one of the oldest and most historic in the U.S., but its position of power recently slipped after expansion was allowed to trigger a crisis at the brand. In 2012, new owner Ken Goodrich stepped into the breach to take over a brand that celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2014; Goodrich has led the group on a sustained period of growth, which has seen a return to the state of Nevada by the Arizona based company.

Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation

Ken Goodrich is determined not to make the same mistakes as his predecessors, which is why he has decided to take a personal approach to the Goettl brand that has not been his business style in the past. The Goettl brand continues to see a continued period of growth with Ken Goodrich making sure every job completed is done so to the highest possible standards; Goodrich examines pictures of every completed task by his technicians to make sure they are completed correctly before any job can be viewed as completed.

Over the course of his varied business life Ken Goodrich has always kept his eyes open for the Goettl brand, and responded to its previous problems with a major investment designed to halt any problems that had caused issues in the past. Learning to repair and maintain air conditioning equipment using Goettl models has made him a fan of the brand and seen his investment become a personal mission to bring success to the brand. An investment in a scholarship by Goodrich to provide tools for a recent veteran graduating as an air conditioning technician is just one way the company has looked to become an important part of the local community.

Goodrich has also ensured the position of Goettl as a leading air conditioning brand in Las Vegas has been returned through a dedicated return to the city Goodrich himself calls home. The company has always had close links to the city and will now look to maintain these links as the brand continues to expand with only the best professionals employed under the leadership of Ken Goodrich.

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Shea Butter Is A Super Food For The Skin

By now, everyone is well knowledge in the long list of super foods that include blueberries, beans,pumpkin, salmon, oats, broccoli and many more foods and the importance that they have on our overall health. Shea butter is considered the super food for our skin. This one product can benefit our skin in a variety of ways.

One of its most beneficial properties is that Shea butter is a natural sun screen. However, it should not be the sole product used for protection against the sun. It is a great product to use after being out in the sun. It will help to replenish the moisture that has been lost. It also can help to provide relief from winter damaged skin.

Shea butter is also known for its healing powers. It is rich in Vitamins A and F which helps to promote overall healing of the skin. Shea butter is used to diminish the overall look of scars and also helps to soothe rashes and other skin ailments. It is also used to lighten dark spots and helps with the overall appearance of the skin. Shea butter also helps with the production of collagen, which is responsible for fighting off wrinkles and keeping us looking youthful.

There are many places that anyone can purchase Shea butter. However, EuGenia Shea is not just an anybody. They provide great products that support a great cause. The people of EuGenia Shea are out to help to change the world with their products. With roots in both America and in Ghana, where the Shea fruits are located, they employ many framers and others to help create their product.

They have three main Shea butter products. The first product is considered an everyday Shea butter, which can be scooped out and applied where ever it is needed. The second product contains a little more Shea butter than the first and it is designed to help with pregnancy related skin problems. Their third product will help in making scars and other major skin aliments better.

ClassDojo Is Primed For Great Success

ClassDojo has done a lot to help create a positive culture in classrooms and schools. Now, the brilliant educational tech startup is becoming wildly popular among parents and teachers. Look for the company and its namesake app to enjoy a lot of growth thanks to much well-deserved popularity and publicity.

ClassDojo is a tremendous app that fuses social media and the classroom environment. Teachers take the steps of simply uploading photos and videos displaying the young ones’ school work. Parents can check out that school work by downloading the app. The Apple Store and Google Play are the sources for the app.

Business Insider is reporting the app is “going viral” among parents and teachers. This is absolutely a great thing for everyone. A greater sense of community can be built between parents, teachers, and children. The potential for children to learn increases immensely since parents become much more fully aware of the classroom work. As a result, the parents are better able to help children with homework and assignments. Children not only learn quicker, they end up learning more. The short-term and long-term benefits of increased learning are both incredibly valuable.

ClassDojo is sure to be around a long time. The company has raised $21 million to help expand the companies capabilities to expand its technological capabilities. This means more advanced apps with more features. As Tech Crunch suggests, communication throughout the school year can remain consistent and thorough. Once again, this will supremely support a positive learning environment for the children enrolled in the classroom.

ClassDojo makes it clear the app is available for free to teachers. The management of ClassDojo made a wise move with this decision as the app has greatly expanded into a number of schools. Per the company, the app and its social network are available in “two in three U.S. schools”.

Per Business Insider, the app is used in schools in about 180 countries. About 500,000 of the apps are downloaded every day. Yes, the app is absolutely going viral. The days of being limited to infrequent meetings between parents and teachers are coming to an end. ClassDojo is creating an interactive community that brings parents into the classroom all throughout the school year.


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Doe Deere And Her Love Of Lime Crime did an interview with Doe Deere. Doe Deere is a female entrepreneur that has taken the cosmetic world by storm. Doe Deere was originally born in Russia, and as a child her family and her immigrated to the United States. Doe Deere was raised in New York, and from a very young age she knew that she wanted to be able to work in fashion and color. Doe Deere mentioned that she was a very imaginative child. She really loves colors and accessories. Doe Deere would take some of her mothers accessories and her makeup, and she would wear them. Doe Deere feels honored and privileged to be able to work with make up as an adult. Doe Deere was not always good at doing makeup. She started to learn how to do makeup well when she was well into her 20s, but she had a love for make up even before that time. Doe Deere mentioned that she had her first make up party with some girlfriends when she was only nine years old.

Doe Deere came up with the name Lime Crime, because green is her favorite color. She wanted to be able to find a word that rhymed with green, so she chose lime instead of green and crime to rhyme with lime. Doe Deere had first used that name with her eBay store. She would make her own clothing line and she sold her clothing on that store. That clothing brand was named Lime Crime as well. Now Lime Crime is known as one of the world’s most popular cosmetic lines.

Doe Deere is very happy that she has an Internet-based business. The Internet gives individual immediate feedback, and that keeps Doe Deere closely connected with all of her fans and her customers and fans. Doe Deere loves to call her fans unicorns, because they are individuals much like herself. They are born different and they are proud of it. They are individuals that are brave; they love color and they go beyond everyone else’s expectation.

Brazilian businessman Duda Melzer, Presidency and life

As president of RBS GroupEduardo Sirotsky Melzer (Duda) revealed their daily motivations at work as president: “I am passionate about people, to be close to us, who works with me. I love my job, my family and I love my happiness. In return, causing others to conquer their happiness, “he said to the audience.

He pointed out that the great banner of every company should be excellence in execution. The lack of it is, indeed, what makes you lose sleep: “When we set out to do something, we have to do with efficiency and intensity so that the result is always the best. This is true for everyone, not just for companies. Melzer stressed the importance of belief in planning and real passion for the work as the key elements for success.

The RBS Group has thousands of employees and over fifty years of history. They have become one of the largest media companies in Brazil. It is, as Melzer calls, “a professional family business.” About their relationship and kinship with his uncle, Nelson Sirotsky, who received the chief executive of RBS Group, was adamant: “It is a privilege, a huge competitive advantage always have it around. “It was when I learned to value people more experienced than me.” He added: “We are not superheroes, we can not do it alone, it is the greatest mistake to think that.”

Much of the time is dedicated to the job, but Duda did not give up running daily “So I can reflect on everything in another dimension.” Married and father of three, Eduardo search make the most of periods is family. “The work ends up taking most of the time, but my family knows the importance it has. It is our life project, “he said.

Duda Melzer Takes Up His Role As The President of RBS Group

David Osio Launches Devos Financial Group

For months, news outlets have been reporting the story of businessman and entrepreneur David Osio’s launching of the Davos Financial Group in Miami, Fl. The development of the new financial group has been extremely important to people who live in the community where the company is located. For many citizens of Miami, the development of new companies in the area means that the economy will continue to improve and that families in Miami and the surrounding areas will continue to be secure in their financial situations. For many citizens of this large city in Florida, the launch of this financial group means the Miami community will continue to prosper.

For David Osio and his team at Davos Financial Group, however, the launching of this company means much more than general economic prosperity for the city of Miami. David Osio grew up as a under privileged youth who dreamed of getting an education and making something of his life. It can be said that this dream has certainly come true. The businessman is currently one of the top entrepreneurs in the United States and has won several awards on behalf of his business. The launching of the Davos Financial Group means that David Osio and his business partners have finally fulfilled a dream that has been in development for nearly 20 years.

When David Osio decided to develop the Davos Finacial Group, many businessmen said that it was an impossible task. Because Osio did not have the funds available to create his finical group immediately, he slowly made the plans for the launch of the new company over the course of about 5 years. All his hard work eventually paid off and he and his team are currently enjoying the fruits of years of hard labor. The financial group is scheduled to be completely operational before the end of the summer of 2016.

Because of David Osio’s love for the finical investment world, he developed a small firm when he graduated college with a financial degree in the early 1980s. After his development of his first financial firm, Osio decided to teach his team members how to successfully operate financial institutions. Because of his consultation of other team members, Osio eventually decided to branch out and create other firms that operated all across the country. This is how the idea to create the Davos Financial Group came about. Osio is thrilled that the company has opened and is excited about its future.

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George Soros and His Bearish Outlook on the Global Market Right Now

When the legendary philanthropist, hedge fund founder, and investor George Soros makes big moves, people pay attention. This is rightfully so, as George Soros is worth billions and seems to have great timing with global markets and the investments he makes. So why is he returning from a long hiatus to start investing personally again? Why did his Soros Fund Management LLC sell numerous stocks and pick up gold and miner shares.

The answer, according to sources close to George Soros, is that he is anticipating a weakness in many of the world’s economic markets. After all, he has been relatively quiet and behind the scenes, other than reportedly staying active with his charitable work and political contributions to Hillary Clinton’s super PAC.

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George Soros – CNBC

According to senior sources close to the billionaire, he has been seen in the office more than ever lately. He is making trades and deals himself, which he hasn’t done in a long time. There could be a number of reasons for this. Perhaps he is concerned about the loss of his top investor Scott Besent. Or, as he is known for saying, China’s economy is weak. This could mean he is trying to make big moves to counteract China’s lack of political (and thus market) transparency.

After all, he believes that China’s market weakness will affect many other markets around the world. It could bring wages down and prices down. It’s not just China that is shaking things up: Brexit and the refugee crisis are bending the walls of the EU, which could result in another economic downturn.

It may impossible to say exactly what Soros is thinking, but his companies are up overall this year, according to sources. Perhaps he is seeing something similar to 2007, when he was concerned about the housing market. He made a series of bets over two years that netted him a $1 billion.

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Meet Kenneth Goodgame, a Man of Many Talents

Kenneth Goodgame, current CEO of Marketing, Sales and Retail Merchandising for True Value Company, has an extensive background in retail growth strategies as well as a wide record of vibrant performance. With a degree in Marketing and Finance, from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville (1976-1980), he has advanced rapidly to become well known as one of the foremost leaders in the merchandising industry.

Retail marketing is a complicated business, which requires specific skills and experiences. This includes the product, the price, the location, and the promotion. With large and small companies, this is the basis of their success. This makes it essential to have a person in command who has the experience and the knowledge to work in all departments if success is to be achieved. Kenneth Goodgame possesses these talents which have led to an outstanding career.

His background and vast experience has shown him to have extensive skills in executive strategy, management, team leadership, sales, budgets and customer service among others. Companies he has worked with include such well-known names as:

• Home Depot

• Black and Decker

• Newell Rubbermaid

• IRWIN Power Tool Accessories & Shurline Painting Products

• Techtronic Industries

• TTI Factory Direct Outlets

• Baja Motor Sports

• Ace Hardware (Current CEO)

His all-embracing experience in executive leadership has worked well in promoting hardware manufacturing and consumer goods for various Fortune 500 retailers. He is in great demand because of his dedicated drive to assist companies to present to the public the very best in current products while working on creating new ones.

His 20 years in the industry has shown diversity in introducing new ideas for management and products using an outstanding retail launch technique. He is especially effective in organizing highly effective teams that are dedicated to producing the very best products for the public, balancing budgets, improving retail management, introducing new CPG programs and other things that make him an outstanding leader with over 20 years experience in the business.

Bob Reina And The Talk Fusion Opportunity

In a recent article, it was mentioned that the Talk Fusion Video Chat recently won the 2016 WebRTC Product Of The Year title. Web Real Time Communication platform is the newest innovation that allows for browser to browser communication using either voice calling, P2P file sharing or video chat. This innovation is unique as it does not require any third party external or internal plugins in order to function.

This prestigious award was given to Talk Fusion on the 16th of March 2016 by Technology Marketing Corporation which is the online marketing authority. The Technology Marketing Corporation CEO, Rich Tehrani said in an interview that he was honored to give the award to Talk Fusion as they had an innovative product. The judges of the prestigious award were very impressed with the groundbreaking work and innovation that was evident in the Talk Fusion Video Chat platform.

This award is not the first to be given to a company such as Talk Fusion. The Technology Marketing Corporation has been awarding companies for their advancements in the field of Web Real Time Communication for over 20 years. The Talk Fusion Video Chat update carrying the new WebRTC capability has only been on the market for a single month before the award was given. This video chat application gives the user the ability to communicate with any user across the internet on literally any device, be it smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The Video Chat application by Talk Fusion is available on the Google Play store as well as the iStore. Users simply subscribe for free and have the ability to test out the platform for 30 days. Bob Reina believes that the award was well deserved by his IT staff as they continuously work hard to improve upon the platform and the way that people communicate in this day and age. The head of IT, Dr. Jonathan Chen said that for tech to be useful it must solve actual real world needs as well as be used by all.


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The Dangerous of the Internet

With the increase in technology over the past decade, it has become vital that someone prowls the internet for a crisis. This is exactly what
Darius Fisher and his team do. Fisher is the president of status labs which focuses primarily on the protection of those who use the internet. The internet is a very daring place, people are always putting confidential information on the web, and it is easy for a hacker to steal that information in seconds. Fisher believes information, even like your phone number should not be posted on the web, and just thinking about people putting their credit card numbers online makes Fisher cringe.

Fisher offers important tips about online safety when it comes to personal information. One of the main tips is to change your privacy settings on social media. People are not aware of how much outsiders can see when they look at their social media profile, it is important to make sure as much information as possible is private. Another interesting tip is to google yourself and see how much of your real information pops up. Obviously, you do not want much to pop up, and if you see a lot of your information you need to work on getting it removed because everyone can see it, even identity thieves. It is also extremely important to always be careful of what you post online. Employers can see all your information on your social media if it is not private. So that embarrassing picture from New Years Eve, yes your employer can see it! So always think before you post, it will save you from a lot of trouble in the future.



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