Sawyer Howitt has a great deal of experience as an entrepreneur. He entered into the corporate world as a senior in high school. Howitt was a Project Manager at the Meriwether Group in Portland, Oregon. His innovative mind was the key to success in the early days. Sawyer is highly tuned into the cultural trends that affect business.

Sawyer Howitt enjoys sharing his ideas with up and coming young business people. He helps them find their lane and have success in any particular industry. Sawyer prefers that a person go with their passion and begin immediately. Waiting for the right time to start could mean missed opportunities and regrets. There will obviously be things to learn. However, the most critical learning for building any business comes through practiced effort according to Sawyer Howard.

Company culture is crucial. Hiring employees is a very delicate process. Experience is important to an operation. Yet experience does not override personality. The wrong fit for a company creates unnecessary tension between other people who are dedicated to realize the vision. Working to keep morale high and employees motivated is the most important aspect of maintaining a positive culture within a business dynamic.

Start up business owners are filled with ideas. There are also suggestions coming from every direction. These elements become a huge distractions. An overflow of ideas will result in overthinking. Howitt advises to write ideas down as they come and focus on daily tasks. At the proper time the ideas can be tended to and applied to the business model appropriately.

Data is the driving force behind any business. It is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the numbers and how they pertain to the operation. Understanding data provides the ability to spot growth and remove processes that are ineffective.

People skills are often overlooked. A business leader who is not great with networking should affiliate themselves with someone that is. Strong communicators are able to break through the different barriers that exist such as ageism. There are also other types of discrimination that surface if the communication lines are not clearly established.

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