My job working inside the local prison is perhaps the most dangerous in the country for a number of reasons. Not only are we trapped inside with some of the most violent criminals in the country, me and my fellow officers are outnumbered five to one. In order to get back an edge, we have to make use of some resources that allow us to take proactive measures instead of always being in reaction-mode.


On any given day, me and my fellow officers will perform a number of cell inspections, search inmates and guests for contraband, and listen in on the telephone calls the inmates make to those on the outside of our facility. In the past we would have to sit and manually listen to these inmates while they talked on the jail phones, a time consuming process that was literally taking officers away from more pressing issues.


When we were informed that our superiors were considering bringing in Securus Technologies to help with monitoring the inmates, we gladly welcomed that assistance. The company is based in Texas and has over a thousand employees that recognize their objective of making the world safer for everyone. As of today, Securus Technologies has inmate call monitoring systems placed in thousands of jails and assisting officers in keeping control of violence within their facilities.


Now that my team of officers were all up to speed with how the LBS software worked, it was time to put the system to the ultimate test. While me and my fellow officers were doing cell inspections, we got an alert of an inmate talking on the phone about getting his brother to brings him heroin through the visitor center. We were able to intercept his family member the day of the visit and removed the drugs before they entered our facility.