They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. With so many wonderful sights, smells, and tastes coming from the kitchen, it’s easy to see why. Often, however, the heart of the home causes nothing but heartburn as soon as you see the ugly, out-of-date cabinets contained within. Modern designs offer a remedy to this situation, but how do you make sense of all the options available today? Taking note of a few, select trends and selecting the right manufacturer will quickly alleviate your worries and soon have you enjoying the kitchen of your dreams, and ensure that your cabinets are in-style for years to come.

One trend is for cabinets to be personalized, not just for the homeowner, but the home itself. Professional designers tap into the functionality that the homeowner needs and the home calls for to ensure that the heart of the home continues to be a healthy part of the living, breathing home as a whole for a long time. Siteline Cabinetry accomplishes this by offering many different and highly functional drawer and cabinet designs, such as ventilated drawers to store breads and root vegetables, and skinny, vertical drawers to store spices.

Another trend is toward more timeless, yet modern designs with clean lines and neutral colors. By choosing something more neutral, you’ll achieve a beautiful look that won’t one day leave people flabbergasted at your design choices when it’s time to remodel again. There’s nothing worse on a home show than when people encounter those cringe-worthy avocado green or mustard yellow cabinets and appliances in the kitchen. Staying neutral avoids these issues. Siteline Cabinetry offers many different finish choices for you to choose from, from neutral colors such as whites, blacks, and grays, to natural finishes, and even fun modern finishes depending on your style needs.

Siteline Cabinetry builds each job to your exact specifications. They don’t begin building the cabinets until they receive your order. At the same time, because of their immense amount of unique designs and finishes, you can rest assured that your order will be completed more quickly than with typical cabinet manufacturers. So, step into the kitchen of your dreams today!

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