Billy McFarland is the person behind the Magnises Black card. He has created a card that has gained popularity among millennials. His business experience goes back to when he left college. He created the card after looking at other cards in the market like American Express. He noticed that these cards were too expensive and unaffordable for many millennials. He decided to create a card that would appeal to all millennials. Since it was launched, the card has gained thousands of members across different cities. The card has several plans to expand to other locations.

Apart from the Magnises black card, McFarland has started many companies in the past. The Magnises Company has gained huge recognition above all other companies. McFarland is a young executive who has tapped to executives and professionals that want to experience the positive aspects of the card. The Magnises card is not another line of credit; it is essentially a card that gives millennials several offers and perks. Other programs that come with the card are an extension of what the card is. One has to pay an annual fee of $250 to start using the card. The cool thing about it is that the application process is super-easy. One has to fill out an application form online. If the application is accepted, the company conducts a phone interview with the new applicant.

Members that use the card get access to several offers and discounts. One offer that comes with the card is that of a clubhouse access. The clubhouse is located on Greenwich Avenue. It works as a location where members can interact, have fun, and hang out.

Most of the members that use the card are people aged between 22 and 35. The age group is made of millennials and people that want to lead an active lifestyle. There is also interest from older people that want to enjoy the youthful lifestyle. Magnises doesn’t discriminate members based on their occupation, age, or income ability. The whole deal of the card is about how members are going to use the perks and offers. The card wants members that will add value to the entire community.