What exactly is makeup for unicorns? Well, imagine the most colorful, unorthodox, in your face cosmetics and shades, and that is where you will find your answer; or you could just shop Lime Crime cosmetics, and skip the research. Lime Crime is a makeup company that was founded by Russian-born, Doe Deere. Everything about Deere exudes creativity, and her personality is surely as colorful as her hair that current week. The Queen of Unicorns created her company for herself due to the fact that she could never find any fun makeup on the shelves. What she never expected was her company to skyrocket into stardom, and to be as favored as it really is.

Part of the reason Lime Crime maintains its likable qualities is because it never remains the same. It is pretty difficult to understand how all of these crazy colors even exist, but the tireless efforts of the CEO and staff make certain that simple shades will never be in any of their packages. Their regular release of new colors that are in packages as unique as the hues themselves and, of course, seasonal favorites makes Lime Crime standout all year long. So, what is the company currently up to, and what outrageous colors are there this time?

2 Moods Duo

Are you feeling sad or happy today, or maybe a mixture of both? Well, your makeup can certainly depict your mood with Deere’s thoughtful creations, like the 2 Moods Duo Lip Kit. One side is one color, while the other is drastically different. It sounds strange, but moods are odd, and the makeup inspired after them is truly stunning.

True Love Set

Did you know that Doe Deere has been faithfully married to her husband for quite some time? Perhaps that is where the inspiration for these lipsticks came from, and their sweet red and pink hues will leave even the most neutral unicorn feeling warm inside.

Salem and Beetle Duo or Cashmere and Roswell?

In Lime Crime’s world, brown is not brown, but Salem and beetle; purple is not purple, but cashmere and Roswell. The best part is when they are paired together, and create the most visually stunning lips ever.

Alien, Teacup, and Zenon

To those who might not know better, these are velvetine lipsticks by Lime Crime, and they are neon green, blue, and gold.

Blue Milk

Sorry, but you will not be drinking this. You will, however, be lining your gorgeous eyes with this light blue eyeliner.

To know more about Doe Deere, visit www.doedeere.com or follow her on twitter.